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Improvise with your Vegetable Carvings – Squash and Radish Bouquet

Remember the old saying, “Necessity is the mother of invention”? I think it applies to fruit and vegetable carving.

There will be plenty of times that you are in the middle of preparing a carving and realize that you don’t have all the ingredients that you need. Or, you may want to create a carving and find that you either don’t have the ingredients or that the fruits that you want are not available.

Well there is no end to the ways you can improvise.

Here is one way that of my customers has successfully improvised.

Bouquet carved from radishes

Radish Bouquet as taught in my video lesson.

Jeanne Kelly set out to make the radish bouquet that I show how to make in one of my free video lessons. The flowers were to be made of radishes with the centers being cut from yellow squash. She did not have the corrugated U-cutters with which to cut the flowers so she use an aspic cutter, which is like a cookie cutter or fondant cutter, to make the flowers. Then, she did no have the mini-melon baller with which to cut the centers to she got really creative and used a hole punch. You know, the type with which you punch holes in paper!

Then, it turned out that she didn’t have enough radishes and had more than enough squash.

Squash and radish bouquet

Jeanne’s Squash and Radish Bouquet

So, she did the reverse and made the flowers from squash and the centers from the radish. And she got an entirely different, and very nice, results.

I thought that she came up with some very creative solutions.

So feel free to improvise. You may even like your improvised carvings and arrangements better.

If you would like the free lesson in which I show exactly how to create my radish bouquet, just sign in below and I’ll send the video to you.

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