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Ideas for Graduation Party

You can delight your guests with unexpected ideas for a graduation party. These are bound to have your guests pulling out their camera phones to take photos.

A couple of days ago, we published a short video with graduation watermelon carving fruit tray ideas. Shortly after, I received a few photos from customer/students of mine who created some fun watermelon carvings for their graduation parties. Here they are:

This first watermelon carving is of the Mascot for the University of Texas wearing a graduation cap. This cute idea was created by Diep Tran.

University of Texas Mascot wearing graduation cap carved onto watermelon

This clever idea was created by customer/student Diep Tran. This is the mascot of the University of Texas wearing a graduation cap.

Hi Nita. After watching your short video. You gave me idea to make this watermelon for my son in law graduation from Texas UT. Thanks for your wonderful lesson.
– Diep Tran

You can learn to carve watermelons with patterns and words in our video lessons Carving Letters and Words.

Customer Deborah Cheeseman who is a professional caterer came up with the following graduation party idea. She carved her graduation themed watermelon so that it was interesting to view from any angle. It served as the centerpiece for a tray of fresh, easy-to-grab watermelon slices.

graduation party idea of carved watermelon by Deborah Cheeseman

Graduates having a low country boil of shrimp and crayfish! Mmmm! And of course a little congratulatory watermelon!! Another mmmm!

The party was held at at a shrimp house down the street from the Forest Gump movie site. (Deborah’s nephew has this shop.)

another of Deborah's ideas for graduation party

See how Deborah carved her graduation melon so that it would look great from any angle.

another angle view of graduation "congratulations" watermelon carving

This last photo was from last year, but it’s so pretty that I just had to share it here.

Graduation melon carving idea by Pat O'Brien

This beautiful graduation watermelon carving is by customer/student turned Pro, Pat O’Brien.

Here’s one more that was sent to me the day after publishing this post. It’s by another of my customer/students Josephine Schloegel.

Graduation melon by Josephine Schloegel

Graduation melon by Josephine Schloegel that celebrates her own graduation. Congratulations Jie!

Hi Nita just want to share my graduation centerpiece i made. I graduated last May 12,2016 i did it ! Just sharing my graduation centerpiece i made. Thank you !!!
Jie Schloegel

If you want to see some ideas and shortcuts for carving a graduation melon, take a look at the short video on our blog (just click here) that we published a few days ago.

Have fun coming up with your own watermelon carving ideas for your graduation party.

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