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How to Carve a Melon Snowflake

Here is a series of photos showing how to carve a melon snowflake starting with a super simple pattern and adding more carving to make it fancier. You can see a variety of beautiful snowflake melon carvings in our previous post.

You can use the snowflake design pattern that is available in our Holiday Carving Pattern set. Or you can use any other simple snowflake design idea of your own. You can start with the super simple design and add to it.

I printed the pattern so that the snowflake pattern was about 4 inches in diameter. You’ll want to start with a relatively small snowflake so that you’ll have room to “fancy up” around it.

step 1 of melon snowflake carving

Step 1 – Start with a simple snowflake pattern that is about 4 inches in diameter, This is a pattern we offer in our online shop. It is part of the Holiday Carving Pattern set. Carve the outline of the pattern, then remove some fruit around the pattern.

Here’s the progression.

set 2 of melon snowflake carving

Step 2 – Carve an outline around the fruit removed in step 1, then remove some melon around that outline.

step 3 of melon snowflake carving

Step 3 – Cut some points at the end of each branch of the snowflake, one longer point in the middle, plus shorter points on each side of the long center point.

completed points of melon snowflake

This shows all the points complete.

Step 5 of snowflake carving

Step 5 – Carved an outline around the whole snowflake design.

Step 6 of melon snowflake

Step 6 – Remove a little fruit around the outline, then add points at the tips of each branch.

The melon snowflake carving can have been complete at any of these 6 steps. It all depends on how you like it best, and how quickly you want to be done. This demonstrates how you can start with a very fast simple pattern and then to it to make a fancier carving.

What Can You Do with Your Melon Snowflake Carving?

Here are a couple of ideas shown in photos from pro fruit carver (customer and former student) Aneta Lekas from Ontario, Canada.

watermelon snowflake carving used as a vase for bouquet

You can see that Aneta started with a simple snowflake design carved onto a watermelon. She then carved additional layers around it to “fancy it up”. She used the carved melon as a base to hold a small flower bouquet of real and carved fruit flowers. Isn’t it beautiful? The zig zag petals are taught in my video lessons, Melon Carving – Smooth and Jagged Petals.

Aneta's melon snowflake in fruit gift basket

Again, Aneta started with a simple snowflake pattern and carved fancy layers around it. She used it as a center focal point in a pretty fruit gift basket.

You can learn how to carve the zig-zag petals that you see around the snowflake above, in my Melon Carving Smooth and Jagged Petals video lessons.

gift baskets containing melon snowflakes carved by Aneta Lekas

Aneta Lekas’ pretty group of gift baskets with their variety of melon snowflakes.

Tools for carving your own Melon Snowflake

You’ll find this melon snowflake pattern plus others in our Holiday Carving Pattern set. Our Pattern Transfer Fabric and Thai Dual Blade Knives make carving patterns a breeze.

See More Melon Snowflakes

I hope that you have found this illustration of how to carve a melon snowflake helpful. You can use this techniques on watermelons and for many other types of designs. To see some snowflake melon carvings inspired by snow crystal photos, click here. You can see a few more snowflake watermelon carvings here, too. Have fun creating your own!

Learn to carve like a pro


2 Responses to How to Carve a Melon Snowflake

  1. Ric Testani January 29, 2017 at 8:04 pm #

    WOW these are wonderful and look great Will you be selling the patterns or a DVD with lessons on snowflakes.

    • Nita Gill January 30, 2017 at 3:42 pm #

      Thanks. Glad you like them. I was waiting to see if anyone requested patterns or lessons…And you have. I’ll let you know when I have something ready for sale.

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