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Honeydew Carving

Honeydew carving can be easier than you think once you are shown how.

Here are a couple of melon carvings that I’ll be teaching in videos in my upcoming Carving of the Month Club.

Update: Since this blog post was written these Honeydew melon carving lessons are now available. Learn more about my Honeydew Carving Lessons by clicking this link.

Intermediate Honeydew Carving Video Lessons Available Now!

Honeydew carvings

Honeydew flower carvings

These honeydew carvings were the two most requested melon carving designs of the photos that I posted in a previous blog post where I asked readers to vote for their favorite melons carvings that they would like to learn.

I’ll be teaching how to do the smooth petaled flower design first. Once you learn that one, it’s easier to learn how to carve the flower honeydew carving with the jagged edges. These will be the carvings taught in the first two months of the Carving Video of the Month Club.

Honeydew Carving Video Lessons are part of the Carving of the Month Club or as a Separate DVD.

In the Club, I’ll be teaching a new carving each month – on video – that will include a variety of Thai style melon carvings with. And of course, these honeydew carving techniques can be applied to watermelon and any other type of melon.

Honeydew Carving

Honeydew flower carving with smooth edged petals

We just filmed these honeydew carving lessons about a week ago. I have a new video photographer, Shannon, who also shoots my friend Sam’s show. You might know him as Sam the Cooking Guy. He’s published a few cook books, has a TV show and is well known in San Diego and some other cities around the U.S. He got lots of buzz when he was on the Today Show and told Kathy Lee and Hoda to “be quiet for a moment”. That was really surprising and funny. You can watch it at the bottom of this page.

Anyway, I’m getting off track here. This blog post was to be about my upcoming honeydew carving video lessons. So back to the subject.

Fancy Honeydew Carving is Easier Once You Are Shown How, Step-by-Step.

Shannon had never seen fruit carving like this prior to our filming session. After we were done, she said to me, “When I saw the finished honeydew carving that you were going to teach, it seemed overwhelming and hard to do. But after you break it down step by step like that, anyone can do it!”

She is absolutely right! These melon carvings are easy enough for just about anyone to learn to do. And, they are impressive and beautiful once they are complete.

Honeydew carving

Carved Honeydew flower with zig-zag edged petals

I’ll show you exactly how to carve these honeydew carving flower patterns. I’ll be showing you some common mistakes and how to fix them so that you get a more graceful looking carved honeydew flowers and I’ll show you how to store them to keep them looking fresh. The detailed instruction will save you hours of trial and error.

If you are an absolute melon carving beginner, you might want to check out my melon carving primer called – “Carving Watermelons – Roses, Buds and Leaves” first.

I’ll be announcing the details of my Carving Video of the Month Club soon. If you want to be notified when these honeydew carving lessons are ready, make sure to sign in below. That way, I can notify you when I start the Carving of the Month Club and you can choose to join if you like.

Happy Carving!

Update: These Honeydew melon carving lessons are now available. Learn more about my Honeydew Carving Lessons by clicking this link.

You can also see other Thai style melon carvings that I will be teaching in the Carving of the Month Club here

And below is the video clip where Sam tells Kathy Lee and Hoda to be quiet on National TV

Learn to carve like a pro

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