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Healthy Birthday Cake and more

If you are looking for some creative ideas for a healthy birthday cake, you’ve reached the right place. I’ll show you several beautiful alternatives to birthday (and wedding) cakes.

A week on so ago, someone called me looking to have a watermelon cake made. In Ohio. I referred the caller to Svetlana Partem who I first met when she was a student. Since we first met, Svetlana has become an excellent carver. The very next day, Svetlana sent me this photo of this gorgeous fruit cake that she made. This same design would be perfect as a healthy birthday cake or for a wedding, a bridal shower, or any other special occasion.

Fancy and pretty, healthy birthday cake

Svetlana Partem made this fancy watermelon cake. Isn’t it beautiful? She used on of my ideas that I introduced a while back and made it even fancier and prettier.

Svetlana wrote,

Thanks for your ideas. A women called me about [a job making] a fruit cake. She told me you recommended me. Thanks. That is her cake; )

Svelana did an outstanding job didn’t she?

Here is another of Svetlana’s skillfully carved birthday watermelons.

50th birthday watermelon by Svetlana

Svetlana Partem is the talented carver who made this intricate 50th birthday watermelon carving. In addition to her skillful carving, don’t you love how she added a touch of bling on the number 50?

healthy birthday cake by Lan Nguyen

This double tiered watermelon cake was created by student/customer Lan Nguyen who just started learning to carve with my lessons 3 months ago. This lovely carved watermelon could serve as a healthy birthday cake, wedding cake or any special occasion cake. Pretty, isn’t it? The elements of this watermelon cake are taught in my video lessons, Watermelon Cakes #1 and #2.

Other Substitutes for Healthy Birthday Cake

birthday fruit bouquets

These colorful fruit and vegetable bouquets were created by customer/student turned pro, Cindy Rozich to celebrate a 55th birthday.

You can learn to carve words onto watermelons in my video lessons, Carving Letters and Words. Our Pattern Transfer Paper and Fabric makes carving words and letters, faster and easier.

80th birthday fruit display by Josephine Schloegel

Customer Josephine Schloegel made this pretty carve fruit and vegetable display to celebrate an 80th birthday.

birthday watermelon carving by Wilma Silva

Customer/student Wilma Silva carved a pretty watermelon for a centerpiece and decorated pineapples with bites of fruit, meat and cheese for this birthday celebration.

birthday fruit display by Christelle Ngounou

This photo sent to me by customer Christelle Ngounou shows how you can create a beautiful raised fruit centerpiece for a whole table of fruit.

If you choose to create a table of fruit like this, just make sure that it’s stable and not top heavy. It would be a disaster to have a display like this fall during a birthday party or other special event.

These photo should give you some ideas for making your own healthy birthday cake. You’ll find lots more photos of fresh fruit birthday cakes on our blog by clicking here. Happy Carving!

Learn to carve like a pro

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  1. Md akram May 1, 2016 at 1:23 am #

    It’s really lovely looking like bakers cake .It’s eye catching.

  2. Patricia Robinson July 12, 2017 at 3:17 pm #

    Those are some beautiful cakes I am ready to learn

  3. Ric Testani July 12, 2017 at 4:37 pm #

    wow these cakes are better looking then those from the bakery. love them.

  4. Yasmin July 13, 2017 at 6:52 am #

    Beautiful cakes love them.

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