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Happy New Year!

Here are some fun ideas for making fruit carvings to celebrate a Happy New Year. Some of these are from past years but all the ideas can be used for any year’s New Year celebration.

Yolada Diaz' wateremoon carvins celebrating the new year in 2017

The gorgeous watermelon tower celebrating the new year in 2017 was created by customer Yolada Diaz who is now a professional carver.

Simple New Year’s Idea

Sometimes it takes us a while to get around to posting photos that student /customers send in. Because so many photos are sent to us, it’s hard to keep up. And sometimes photos are sent to us much later than when the carvings are made. Marguerita DeLaRosa sent this next photo to us in July of 2016.

Student/customer Marguerita DeLaRosa shows a simple and pretty way to dress up a fruit tray for a New Year’s celebration.

It’s easy to cut the star shapes with cookie cutters. You can use jicama, turnip or diakon for the stars. If you want, you can even use Styrofoam. Just put grapes on skewers, top with your stars and add to your fruit tray. Simple. Or, you could top your skewers with decorated strawberries like these pretty strawberries that customer Sonia Etri made.

Hanppy New Year decorated Strawberries

Strawberries decorated for a Happy new Year by customer Sonia Etri, who creates professional fruit decorations.

New Year’s Graphics and Words Watermelon Carvings

Happy New Year watermelon carvings by Omusugu Henry from Uganda.

Happy New Year watermelon carvings by Omusugu Henry from Uganda.

More of Henry's New Year watermelon carvings

These watermelons were carved to be displayed with Henry’s 2016 New Year carvings.

2013 - 2014 New Year's bells carved on melons

Marius Tuderache carved these watermelons with bells celebrating the New Year in 2014.

pumpkin carving with glassing toasting the new year.

Student/customer Deepa Kaul carved these toast glasses onto a pumpkin using one of our patterns that you will find in our online shop. The same design can easily be carved on melons, too.

You can find the set of patterns that includes the toasting glasses in our Wedding Carving Patterns.

If you want to learn to carve graphic patterns and letters onto watermelons and pumpkins, you’ll love our Carving Letters and Words video lessons. And, our Pattern Transfer Fabric and Paper make transferring your patterns faster and easier than other old methods and makes your results better looking.

You’ll also find our specialized carving tools and knives super useful. For carving intricate designs like the watermelons in Yolanda’s photo at the top of this page, and for carving letters and graphics, you’ll love our Thai Pro Knife and our Thai Dual Blade Knife.

Learn to carve like a pro


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