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What does quitting have to do with fruit carving? Nothing. Except that yesterday I sent out an April Fools email to my members saying that I quit. Have you ever wanted to quit your job? Then you might get a smile from this video that Marina Shifrin made to tell her boss that she quit. […]

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Stringed Instruments – Imaginative Musical Vegetable Carvings

A little creativity can go a long way in the vegetable and fruit carving world, as is evident in these photos of musical vegetable carvings sent to me by my customer/student, Rodney Dikin. I’ve previously included Rodney’s creations in my Fun Pumpkin Carving Ideas blog. When showing your fruit and vegetable carvings, you never know […]

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fresh fruit watermelon cake

Tis the Season for Fresh Fruit Cakes

Summertime is the perfect time to experiment with creating fresh fruit cakes. Grocery stores and farmer’s markets are stocked with fresh produce, giving you plenty of fruity choices to decorate and accent your watermelon cake.  Fresh fruit cakes make a wonderful, healthy alternative to traditional bakery cakes. Not only will your friends and family be […]

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cat wearing a watermelon hat

Watermelon Hats for Everyone

Well, people will do all sorts of things with carved watermelons. Even wear them! January 15th is National Hat Day. In honor of that, take a look at these hats made of carved watermelons. Watermelon hats are so popular with Saskatchewan Roughrider fans that the grocery stores frequently sell out of watermelons in the day […]

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