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Happy Customer Carving Successes

Fruit Carving Arrangment by Yolanda DiazI just love it when customer/students of my lessons tell me about their carving successes. It’s personally satisfying to me to see people having fun being creative with fruit carving. I take pleasure in hearing how my video lessons have helped home hobbyists, chefs and caterers learn and enhancing their skills. I love to hear about the oohs and aaahs they get, too.

Today, I’ll share a the carving successes of Yolanda Diaz who is one of my student/customers.

A little over a week ago, she sent an email with photos. Here is what Yolanda wrote.

“Hello Nita, I want to thank you for your videos and lessons, I have learn a lot. I have been carving for some time now, and I found that your lessons are very informative, I found specially helpful when you include some “mistakes” that can happen and how to fix them 🙂

I’m sending you some pictures of the display I made for the ACF Florida chapter meeting in may, you can see that I use all the techniques I have learn from you.

Also I just want to let you know that I receive my video of “watermelon carving scroll pattern” and I’m ready to do it. My daughter Natasha is really impress by it, she want me to do it as soon as possible. I will send you some pictures of it as soon as i get it done. again thanks Nita for your help.

Best regards,

Yolanda Diaz”

Yolanda's Carving Success - Fruit carving display featuring carved watermelons

Fruit and vegetable carving display at Florida ACF meeting by Yolana Diaz featuring carved watermelons


Black Tie Events Watermelon Carving by Yolanda Diaz

Black Tie Events Watermelon Carving by Yolanda Diaz

By the way, don’t let the word “student” fool you. Many of my customer / students are professionals who simply want to learn new things. In that sense, who of us aren’t “students”. We are always learning new things, right?

Yolanda mentions her display for her ACF chapter meeting. In case you didn’t know, ACF stands for American Culinary Federation which is an organization for chefs and other food professionals. Some ACF chapters across the country have events that include competitions for fruit and vegetable carving.

A few days later after the first email that Yolanda sent to me, I received another message from her along with a couple of photos.

If you’ve been reading my blog then you  know that I recently announced my newest video lesson showing how to carve a watermelon scroll pattern. This is a lesson that people have been asking me to make for years.

First Scroll Carving Success

Yolanda’s photos show her first attempts at carving the scroll pattern. Yolanda wrote the following message. You can see her photos further down in this article.

I just want to let you know, how much I did enjoy the new video, I did made one and I think it turn out really good ( I send you the pictures) I can not wait to use it in my future carvings. I only wish I live in California or close, so I could thank you personally and take classes with you 🙂

Yolanda Diaz”

Scroll watermelon carvings by Yolanda Diaz

Yolanda Diaz’ First Watermelon carvings of the Scroll Pattern after learning from Nita’s video lesson


Watermelon Carving Scroll Pattern

A closer look at Yolanda Diaz’ Scroll Watermelon carving

Yolanda carved her first scroll pattern watermelons very well, didn’t she? She carved the center differently than in my Scroll Pattern Lesson. Her center is carved with smooth petals which are probably more in keeping with the smoothness of the scroll pattern. I teach how to carve smooth petals in my lessons named Melon Flowers – Smooth and Jagged Petals.

Yolanda, thanks for sharing your photos. Beautiful job. I know your photos will be an inspiration to others.

You Too Can Have Carving Success

If you, my reader, want to find out more about my watermelon scroll pattern video lesson, you can click here. To see more lessons and tools visit my Online Shop. Or, to get a FREE lesson showing how to make a beautiful centerpiece from ordinary radishes, sign in for the free lesson at the top right hand side of this page.

Happy Carving Success!

Learn to carve like a pro

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