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Happy Birthday Watermelon Carvings – See some great birthday ideas

Mariano Orozco carved this elegant script "Happy Birthday" for a pretty watermelon centerpeice.

Happy Birthday Watermelon carving by Mariano Orozco

Recently I published a couple of articles showing Happy Birthday watermelon carvings that look like cakes. Now I’ll show you a few other birthday watermelon carvings that some of my student / customers have created for their loved ones and their customers.

Happy Birthday Watermelon Carving – Bowl

This first watermelon carving was made by one of my student/customers Rose Flores. She sent this photo to me back in June. Rose had been making some carvings for her friends and family before joining my lessons. She really caught on fast.  You can see one of her first rose watermelon carving in a previous blog post. Below, you can see her first paid order for a birthday watermelon carved fruit bowl.

watermelon carving for a birthday

Rose Flores created this clever watermelon bowl to celebrate a birthday

Isn’t it clever how Rose embedded the honeydew, cantaloupe and watermelon carved to look like balloons? It’s so colorful. And she cut the top so that it looks great with the top on or off to reveal the watermelon balls inside. Great job Rose.

Carved watermelon birthday bowl

Roses carved watermelon bowl look great with the top on or off.

Birthday Watermelon Carving Centerpieces

Seems like I’ve been mentioning Mariano Orozco quite a bit lately. He is one of my customer/ students who’s carving work just keeps getting better and better. Here are a couple of happy birthday watermelon carvings he has created.

Another of the Happy Birthday watermleon carvings made by Mariano

Mariano Orozco carved this elegant script “Happy Birthday” for a pretty watermelon centerpiece. You can learn to carve melons with words and graphics in my video lessons, Carving Letters and Words.

Here are a couple of Mariano’s watermelon carvings for birthdays that have adorable Disney character themes.

watermleon carving for 1st birthday

Mini Mouse 1st birthday watermelon cake by Mariano Orozco

If you want to carve patterns like these into watermelons, you will find my pattern transfer fabric makes it faster and easier. You can learn more about the pattern transfer fabric on my website by clicking here. You can learn how to carve words and graphics onto watermelons in my video lessons, Carving Letters and Words.

Birthday watermelon carving

Donald Duck watermelon carving by Mariano Orozco. Nita’s pattern transfer fabric makes carving your graphic pattern onto a watermelon much faster and easier than traditional methods.

Arturo Garcia who is another one of my student /customers made this happy birthday watermelon carving and colorful fruit display for a birthday celebration. Nice job Arturo.

Happy Birthday watermelon carving

Happy Birthday Watermelon Carving is the centerpiece for this fruit display made by Arturo Garcia

Happy Birthday Watermelon Carving Vase

This last (but not least) Happy birthday watermelon carving was done by another customer/student Jose Luis Vergara. He used his watermelon carved with the words Happy Birthday as a vase for a fruit bouquet. Isn’t it pretty? Another great job Jose.

Happy Birthday watermelon carving used as a vase for a lovely fruit bouquet.

Happy Birthday watermelon carving used as a vase for a lovely fruit bouquet. This was created by Jose Luis Vergara.

Discover how to carve words and patterns in my video lessons, Carving Letters and Words.

Watermelons can be carved in so many ways to celebrated birthdays and other events. I appreciate my student/customers sending me their wonderful photos and ideas. I hope this article have given you some inspiration and ideas for making your own Happy Birthday Watermelon Carvings.

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