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Graduation Party Decorations

My student /customers can be so very creative! These photos that they sent to me of their graduation party decorations are so fun they ought to be shared with the world. And so I am…sharing them that is.

Tennis Theme Graduation Party Decorations

This first graduation party fruit display is by Jim Tanner. I just love how creative it is!

tennis themed fruit display at graduation party

Student /customer Jim Tanner put together this fun and creative display to honor a tennis playing graduate.

Hi Nita, thought you might like to see my latest creation for local graduate and tennis star. I made the racket from watermelon rind, Daikon radish for handle, wrapped with eggplant. This was my first honeydew flower thanks to your instructional video. I learned a lot.

The only scary incident was when I cut the end off the large watermelon after I finished the carving. It cracked wide open halfway down the back side. Thankfully, duct tape and some flowers covered my mistake. Clients were pleased and it was the talking piece of the reception.

Jim Tanner

Isn’t the whole display clever and original? The “tennis balls were lemons that he scored to look like tennis balls. He did a great job on his first honeydew flower melon. And, I’ve got to give kudos for finding a way to camouflage his cracked melon. It happens.

Towering Tropical Graduation Party Decorations

Thee next photos are by Cindy Rozich who is a customer/student who has since gone pro and has generously contributed many photos to share on my blog.

Cindy's fruit tower serves as a dramatic graduation party decoration

Cindy created this lovely fruit tower to celebrate the graduation of her niece.

Hi Nita!
Thought you might enjoy the carvings I did for my niece’s graduation party yesterday. My sculpture was the talk of the party, with approx. 300 guests! People thought the zucchini roses were real roses. Hope you enjoy my pictures!!
Thinking of you,
Cindy Rozich

You can learn how to carve the honeydew and cantaloupe flowers in my lessons, Melon Flowers, Smooth and Jagged Petals. You will learn to make leek and radish flowers in my 101 Course for Beginners. If you want to make customized watermelon carvings for your special occasions, you’ll find out how in my Carving Letters and Words video lessons.

close up of watermelon graduation party decorations

Here’s a closer look at the graduation watermelon carving, ribbon flowers and zucchinni roses. Beautifully done, Cindy.

closer look at top of fruit tower decoration

Cindy made ribbon flowers from large leeks, radish flowers and zucchini roses. the ribbon and radish flowers are taught in my 101 Course for Beginners

To add to the festive graduation party decorations, Cindy made a pineapple tree with a pineapple parrot.

pineapple palm tree at graduation party

Cindy’s pineapple palm tree was another of the graduation party decorations.

The Palm tree came out great. I think my parrot could have been shaped a little better. It was a great night and everyone raved over the carvings and the fruit!!! It was fun!
Cindy Rozich

It did turn out great, Cindy.

Pineapple parrot by Cindy

Finally, here’s a closer look at the pineapple parrot perched on a pineapple bowl of fruit. So cute!

Want to make fruit decorations like these?

Do you want to find out how to carve beautiful food decorations like the ones in these photos? You can. Visit our online shop for lessons.

You can learn how to carve the honeydew and cantaloupe flowers in my lessons, Melon Flowers, Smooth and Jagged Petals. You will learn to make leek and radish flowers in my 101 Course for Beginners. You’ll find out how to make custom watermelon carvings for any occasion in my Carving Letters and Words video lessons.

In conclusion,  I hope you’ll get some fun ideas for your graduation party decorations. These ideas can be modified and used for any special occasion. Thanks you to customer/students Jim Tanner and Cindy Rozich for sharing their fun photos.


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