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Graduation Fruit Carvings

Are you looking for some ideas for great graduation fruit carvings? We’ve got a bunch of great ideas for you right here. And, near the bottom of this article, you’ll find links to more fruit carving ideas to celebrate a graduation.

Mascot Graduation Melon Carving

Cheryl Vogel, who is a customer of several of our video lessons, created this watermelon carving. It features the school mascot, a pirate. Isn’t it cute how she topped it off with a graduation cap?

Pirate mascot graduation fruit carving by Cheryl Vogel

Customer Cheryl Vogel carved this pirate mascot after learning how to carve graphics in our video lessons, Carving Letters and Words. She dressed it up beautifully with flowers and curly kale. Then she topped it with a cute mini-graduation cap.

"Congrats" graduation melon carving by Cindy Rozich

Customer Cindy Rozich, who has learned from nearly all of our video lessons, carved this lovely “congrats” melon for a graduation.

If you are looking to create a whole display of fruit carvings for a graduation, take a look at the beautiful fruit display created by Kentrina Jones. Notice that the honeydews, carved with 2017, are also lit from inside for a little extra dramatic effect. Also, the columns holding up the center graduation cap watermelon and the parfaits on each side are  lit from within.

Full Display of Graduation Fruit Carvings

Graduation Fruit Carvings by Kentrina Jones.

Graduation Fruit Carving Display created by Kentrina Jones. her multi-tiered layout has real eye-appeal.

Graduation Cap Pattern

Watermelon carved with graduation pattern

Customer Noel Searles carved this graduation watermelon using the Graduation Pattern that we offer in our online shop. He made the decorative cuts around the pattern using our Corrugated U-cutters.

I did go through your “Lettering” course because as I told you I wanted to do a graduation presentation for my nephew. The course was very helpful and I would highly recommend it. I used your graduation template and then used a word editing program in order to add the: AHS CLASS OF 2017 on the bottom of the image. I used your Fabric Transfer which was “worth its weight in gold” It was the hit of his party and he even took it to another graduation party the next day.

Thanks so much for the instruction and the tools which I purchased and used.

Best regards,
Noel Searles

Here is where you can get our Carving Letters and Words Course and our Pattern Transfer Fabric that Neal mentions above. The Pattern Transfer Fabric is a great time saver!

Elegant Graduation Fruit Carvings from Previous Years

These next few graduation fruit carvings, made by customer Aneta Lekas in Canada, show how you can use one pattern to make several different variations.

Graduation fruit carvings display by Aneta Lekas

Aneta made this lovely graduation carved fruit display with two carved melons, 2 simply carved yet dramatic carved papayas, and a sprinkling of charmingly carved radishes.

You can find out how to make many of these carvings in our video lessons. You’ll learn to make the radish flowers and to carve roses into watermelons in our Vegetable and Fruit Carving 101 Course for Beginners. And, some of the techniques in the honeydew melon can be learned in our 101 Course as well as our video lessons, Melon Flowers – Smooth and Jagged Petals. You’ll get step-by-step instructions showing how to carve words and graphics in our Carving Letters and Words video lessons. Finally, you can get all of the lessons mentioned above in our 17 Lesson Collection.

graduation watermelon carving by Aneta Lekas

Simple yet beautiful graduation watermelon carving by Aneta Lekas

another graduation carving by Aneta

Notice how Aneta used the same graphic to make 3 different looking variations.

Super Simple Graduation Fruit Idea

What if you don’t have time to carve some beautiful graduation fruit carvings? You can create a very easy and cute fruit graduate like Mary Buchanan did. Add your own create twists to this idea to make a simple centerpiece for your fruit tray.

Super simple idea for a graduation fruit tray.

Mary Buchanan make this honeydew graduate to garnish a pre-school graduation ceremony. You can fancy up this idea for your own simple fruit tray centerpiece.

faces made with vegetables

Here are a few ideas of simple vegetable faces that you could put on a melon. They are made with cucumber wedges, slices from mini orange bell peppers, and cherry tomatoes.

I hope that you’ve found some ideas that you can adapt to create your own fun, or beautiful graduation fruit carvings. You’ll find more fruit decoration graduation ideas by clicking here.

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