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Giant Pumpkin Carvings

What is more amazing that the size of the giant pumpkins grown in Ohio? The giant pumpkin carvings that were carved from them!

At an event named “Operation Pumpkin” in Hamilton Ohio, pro carvers Dean Murray, Greg Butauski, William Wilson and Jon Michaels sculpted some impressive giant pumpkin carvings. All together there were 3997 pounds of giant pumpkins made into imaginative giant pumpkin carvings. Take a look.

giant pumpkin carvings include this wonderful elephant

Dean Murray created this giant pumpkin carving. What could be more appropriate than carving an elephant from an elephant sized pumpkin?

Dean's giant fpumpkin pumpkin before

Here is Dean’s giant pumpkin before carving it.

Dean's elephant carving after

Dean’s giant pumpkin “after”.

Greg Butauski and his giant pumpkin

Greg Butauski with his pumpkin before carving.

Greg's giant pumpkin carving Frog

Greg Butauski’s giant pumpkin carving is this magnificent frog

side view of giant pumpkin carving frog

Side view of Greg Butauski’s giant pumpkin carving

Giant pumpkin carvings include both the frog and the carp - rear view

Even the rear view is impressive. And check out that carp at the bottom carved by William Wilson

giant pumpkin carving of a skull

Titus Arensburg carved a big skull into his 994.5 pound pumpkin.

These guys are multi-talented. Most, if not all of them, are also skilled professional ice carvers. Isn’t it amazing what have done?

Maybe these carving ideas will give you some inspiration to make your own 3D style pumpkin carvings this year, although on a smaller scale than these giant pumpkin carvings. If you want some instruction on how to make 3 Dimensional pumpkin carvings, you have couple of choices. I know it’s last minute, but if you are in or near Holland tomorrow, Oct 10th, you can join and attend Dean Murray’s pumpkin carving workshop. Contact Greg Butauski at [email protected] for more details.

You can also learn to carve 3D Pumpkins from master carver Ray Villafane. You can learn more about Ray Villafanes 3D pumpkin carving tutorials that are currently available in our online shop.

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  1. Ric Testani October 9, 2014 at 6:08 pm #

    These guys are just amazing all three are done so very well and so creative. The size of the pumpkins are monsters.

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