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Fun Pumpkin Carving Ideas

With Halloween fast approaching, I’ve got some fun pumpkin carving ideas to share with you. Many of the following photos show student’s first pumpkin creations.

Maybe these photos will give you some ideas and some inspiration to carve your own fun pumpkins.

Pumpkin Carving Portraits

This first photo is of the first pumpkin portrait carved by Ann Haddock after watching my Pumpkin Portraits video lessons. She did a very good job, don’t you think?

pumpkin portrait by Ann Haddock

This is Ann Haddock’s first pumpkin portrait.

original image for Ann's pumpkin carving

Original image for Ann’s pumpkin carving

When you carve pumpkin portraits, you can use photos of your friends and family or you can try you hand at carving celebrities. Here a couple that I carved.

glamourous pumpkin portrait

The above pumpkin carving was fairly easy to do. I made the pattern from a photo that I found on the internet. The carved portrait below was made much easier to carve using a fantastic NEW transfer method that I reveal to members in my Pumpkin Carving Portraits Course.

pumpkin carving of a genius

3D Pumpkin Sculptures

I’ve also received some 1st carvings by student/customers of Ray Villafane’s 3D Pumpkin Carving Tutorials.

These first few 3D pumpkin carvings were made by Pat O”Brien. These are a few of his first carvings that he made after watching Ray’s 3D pumpkin video lesson last year. He was so excited about learning his new skills and could hardly wait until next Halloween to come around. These were a few  of his first pumpkins. He carved about 50 last year.

Pat O'Brien's first 3D pumpkin carvings

Pat O’Brien’s first 3D pumpkins

Once pumpkins were no longer available, Pat continued carving 3 dimensional creations using butternut squashes. Now that Halloween is approaching, Pat is busy with his side business carving pumpkins. Lots of people who have seen his carvings have hired him to do carvings for them and their businesses. He expects to carve about 150 pumpkins this Halloween.

Pat told me that he never really thought of himself as a sculptor. That only people with “real talent” could do sculpting and carving.

Yet, in one year’s time, Pat O’Brien carved his first 3D pumpkin and went on to become a prolific professional pumpkin carver.

Maybe you have an undiscovered talent, too. You’ll never know unless you try.

The pumpkin below is the first 3D pumpkin carving by Rodney Dikin.

I asked Rod about what he used for the eyes. Here is his reply,

“Funny that you ask. I was looking for a ping pong ball to cut up. i couldn’t find one. then wha-lah!!! i came across an old shuttlecock from an old badminton set. it had a foam end on it. i snatched it off, cut it into shape for each eye and painted them. stuck them in the carving and bingo….the carving came to life!!!”

Great idea Rod!

Rod Dikin's first 3D pumpkin

Rod Dikin’s first 3D pumpkin

And this one is the first 3D pumpkin by Ann

ann's first 3D pumpkin

Ann’s first 3D pumpkin

If you want to have some fun with carving pumpkin portraits or 3D pumpkin, you’ll find both lesson sets in my online shop. It’s not too late to join my Pumpkin Carving Portrait Course. You get immediate online access and can get started right away.

Free Pumpkin Carving Video Tips and Ideas

I’ve got a couple of free video that will give you some hints about carving your Halloween pumpkins.

The first one shows how you can create varying shades of light and dark when carving your pumpkins. You’ll also find about 39 other pumpkin lantern ideas.

Another video shows a simple tip to make your carving pumpkins easier. You’ll also see a couple of creepy vegetable and fruit carvings that you can add to your Halloween decor.

Cartoon and Movie Themed Carved Pumpkin Ideas

You can also see some Cartoon and Movie Themed Pumpkin Lanterns on one of my past blog posts.

Pumpkin Carving at the White House

Last year, I was honored to be invited to carve pumpkins at the White House.

What a blast that was to be at the White House and to get to play with some really great carvers like James Parker, Pam Leno, Shawn Feeney, Dean Murray and a bunch more. If you didn’t see these photos last year, take a took now by clicking the link above.

Nita Gill and Pam Leno at the front door of the White House

Nita Gill and Pam Leno at the front door of the White House

Happy Halloween. I hope these pumpkin carving ideas give you some inspiration for making your own fun creations.

Learn to carve like a pro

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