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Fun Food Art by Carl Kleiner to Make You Smile

Fun food Art using Artichoke by Carl Kleiner

Photographer Carl Kleiner makes Fun Food Art using artichoke, garlic and tomato

Happy April Fools Day.  Here is some silly and fun food art that might put a smile on your face! I was inspired to do this when I received an e-mail from Bob Moroch, which gave me a chuckle.

By the way, if you are not familiar with April Fools Day, it is celebrated on the 1st of every April in Canada, New Zealand, the UK and Australia, and a few other countries. It is a day when people play all kinds of jokes and pranks on each other – all in good fun, of course! Since I can’t play a prank on you, I thought I’d make you laugh with fun food art photos instead!

Anyway, Bob Moroch’s e-mail made me think of April Fools Day. Here is Bob’s message telling me how he liked my free lesson on how to make a radish bouquet:

Thanks for the video. My cell mates, I mean room mates, and I watched them last night. We were going to make the little radish arrangement for lunch but the guards took our knives away. We decided to improvise. If you bite the radish in half, you get the same effect but you only get one flower per radish. We tried to see who could make the best looking flower. Tommy only has three teeth but he made the best one. They don’t let us have toothpicks either so we used the old fashioned stick matches. The match head makes the little bud in the center of the flower.

You should have seen the look on the warden’s face, I mean the landlord’s face, when we lit them all up.

He must have liked it ‘cause he gave us solitary, I mean our own rooms. We won’t be able to watch together any more. Too bad, it was a lot of fun.


Pretty funny guy, isn’t he?

Well, in the spirit of being light hearted for April Fools Day, I’ll share with you some humorous, silly and fun food art. These fun food art photographs are by Carl Kleiner. He photographs all kinds of art that he arranges and creates himself and always does an amazing job. But his fun food art photography is really something to behold!

April Fools Day Cheers| Enjoy a Chuckle with these Fun Food Art Arrangements by Photographer Carl Kleiner

I learned about photographer Carl Kleiner through a reader who thought I would enjoy his fun food art using fruits and vegetables. Well, I am so glad to have been introduced to his work because he is truly creative and has a great sense of humor! So here’s an April Fools Day cheer for you! I hope you you’ll get a giggle out of Carl Kleiner’s fun food art photos.

Fun food art with Avocado by Carl Kleiner

Carl Kleiner’s avocado man with onion eyes, green beans arms, bean eyes and cilantro hair


Fun food art with Watermelon and pineapple by Carl Kleiner

This watermelon sculpture looks like an excited little girl with pigtails in her hair


Fun food art with ginger, asparagus and eggplant by Carl Kleiner

A man’s face made with ginger and asparagus and eggplant


Fun food art with peppers by Carl Kleiner

Bringing peppers and kumquats to life through food art by Carl Kleiner

Carl Kleiner’s work is truly original and he creates his silly and fun food art using only a few materials in such creative ways!

Fun Food Art Made into Animals by Carl Kleiner

Here are a few more clever and fun food art photographs by Carl Kleiner. This next set of food art ideas are arranged to look like different kinds of animals.

Fun food art with fennel and garlic by Carl Kleiner

Carl Kleiner’s fennel and garlic elephant


Fun food art with butternut squash and banana peel by Carl Kleiner

Carl Kleiner made this sleeping lion with butternut squash, banana peel and sprouts and orange


Fun food art cheese and chilis by Carl Kleiner

A cheese parrot with garlic eyes and red chili wings and feathers


Fun food art eggplant by Carl Kleiner

A carved zebra eggplant with olive eyes by Carl Kleiner


More Fun Food Art for Any Day of the Year

Thank you Bob Moroch for sharing your sense of humor through your letter! It inspired me to post these fun food art photos by Carl Kleiner to make my readers smile for April Fools Day! It also reminded me that no matter what day it is, it’s important to take time to be silly and light hearted once in a while!

If you’d like to read about and see more fun food art photos, check out my previous blog posts:

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Sampling of a few different types of food art

Happy April Fools Day! I hope you enjoyed a laugh, giggle or chuckle with Carl Kleiner’s fun food art photography!

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