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In each of the following articles, you will find fun videos. Some will make you laugh and some will whisk you away to far away cultures. There are videos about interesting and unusual arts other than fruit and vegetable carving, too. You’ll find videos from the silly to the sublime. Have fun browsing.

watermelon ideas skiing on watermelons

Wild and Wacky Watermelon Ideas

August 3rd is National Watermelon Day here in the United Sates, and in keeping with this theme, I wanted share with you some really wild, whimsical and wacky watermelon ideas. I’m not just talking about using watermelon in an innovative recipe, I’m talking everything from watermelon themed automobiles and eyelashes to watermelon sports. Yep, these watermelon […]

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Aneta Lekas Vegetable and Fruit Carving

Vegetable and Fruit Carving Success Story: Aneta Lekas

How does a medical office assistant end up with a vegetable and fruit carving business, get a chance to showcase her skills at a famous Riu hotel in the Dominican Republic and possibly on a television show? This inspiring story is about one of my vegetable and fruit carving students/customers, Aneta Lekas. If you follow my blog, […]

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The food art of Chinese fruit pit carving

Food Art | Chinese Fruit Pit Carving

Recently, I stumbled upon an amazing food art that has been practiced in China for centuries. It’s a form of fruit carving you could say, but it involves carving the pit of fruits. I’ve never heard of it before but was amazed at how beautiful and intricate it is. China’s Incredible Miniature Food Art This […]

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Make Your Own Flower Bouquet Fruit Arrangements

Fruit arrangements that can be eaten are fun, fresh, pretty to look at and are always a welcome addition at any special event. You may have even given or received fruit arrangements as a thank you gift. There are several companies selling their own fruit bouquets and  arrangements; but have you ever thought that you […]

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Citrus Bell Tower and Giant at Lemon Festival 2012

Lemon Festival in France

Have you ever heard of a Lemon Festival in France called “Fete Du Citron”? Well, you don’t have to be a citrus lover to appreciate the spectacular lemon and orange sculptures displayed at the annual Lemon Festival held in the city of Menton in Southern France. This unique festival was initially brought to my attention […]

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