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Fruit and Vegetable Christmas Trees

brocolli treeA while back, I created a video with some ideas for vegetable centerpieces including some variations of vegetable Christmas trees. Afterward, I received photos from people who had used some of the ideas in the video. In this article you will see a couple of those photos that were sent to me by by blog readers. They adapted the ideas taught in the video and added their own creative twists. It’s always fun to see how people will make small and large changes to come up with something different.

If you get inspired to make a fruit or vegetable tree, send me your photo. I’d love to see it.

Video with ideas for making fruit and vegetable Christmas trees.

You can learn how to make the carrot flowers used in one of these vegetable Christmas trees, in my video lessons, Amazing Carving with Jimmy Zhang. In these video lessons, you will learn to make 3 really lovely centerpieces that are great for any time of year.

And here a a few photos that were sent to my by readers.

Vegetable Christmas Trees

Sometimes it’s all about simply having some family fun. Here is a photo of some happy campers who made their own vegetable Christmas tree from broccoli and tomatoes. I like how they added the star on top made from a carrot. This was sent to me by Maria Jaye. Looks like the older girl had some fun learning to carve a watermelon flower, too. If you want to learn to carve watermelon roses, check out my Carving Watermelons, Roses, Buds and Leaves video lessons.

brocolli tree

Here is their table with their watermelon carving and broccolli Christmas tree.

Example of vegetable Christmas trees

Fruit Christmas Trees

fruit christmas tree

Christmas Tree made of Fruit by Christelle Ngounjou

Christelle took this idea and used it with fruit to make this pretty fruit tree with strawberries and grapes. She filled in the spaces with curly kale.

fruit christmas tree

Another variation of the fruit Christmas tree idea by Christelle

I like how Christalle added the heart as the tree topped. It’s very cute. Her apple bird is taught in one of my beginner lessons in my Hearts and Roses video lessons.

Here is one more pretty and colorful fruit Christmas tree that Hami Omonira sent to me that she made. It arrived just as I was posting this article, just in time to share it with you.

fruit christmas tree

Fruit Christmas tree made by Hami Omonira

Maybe this will give you inspiration to try making fruit or vegetable Christmas trees of your own.

Learn to carve like a pro

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