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Fruit Carvings For Special Events

Fruit Carvings by Ruben Olano

Ruben Olano – professional fruit carver for Disneyland Resorts

Fruit carvings are a wonderful addition to a meal for any special event. Themed fruit carvings can serve as a decorative table display or centerpiece, or can be used to dress up a fruit or hors d’oeuvres platter. 

Today, I want to share with you some photos from a reader, Ruben Olano, who used to work as a professional fruit decorator for Disneyland Resorts and Hotels. His fruit carvings were often displayed at special event buffets at the Disneyland hotels. I’m sure Ruben’s fruit carvings got many “oooohs” and “aahhhs” from the patrons dining the hotels. Take a look at some of Ruben’s fruit carvings – they may spark some ideas for your own centerpiece for a special event. 

If you’re new to fruit and vegetable carving, don’t worry, read on to find out how I can help you get started on making your own fruit carvings and fruit arrangements for your next special event.

Ruben Olano’s Fruit Carvings for Special Events at Disneyland Hotels and Resorts

Ruben Olano is an artist. In addition to his fruit carving he paints the Disney characters as well. Take a look at some of the intricate watermelon carvings that Ruben made for a special event at Disneyland Resorts and Hotels:

Fruit carvings displat at Disneyland Resorts

Ruben Olano’s fruit carving display for Disneyland Resorts

Fruit carvings by Ruben Olano for Disneyland Hotels

Don’t the fruit carvings just add a special touch to the banquet? I think they even have more of a “wow” factor than a display of flowers. Ruben also used to do live fruit carving demonstrations as part of his work.

Here is a unique taro root carving by Ruben. The birds arrangement would make this display perfect for a wedding.

Taro root fruit carvings by Ruben Olano

Ruben’s taro root bird carvings

Taro root fruit carvings birds

Pretty, aren’t they? The purple taro gives the display a unique color scheme that is so attractive.

Mother’s Day is coming up in one week and wouldn’t it be lovely to have these fruit carvings as a centerpiece at your dinner table?

Fruit carvings Mother's Day

Mother’s Day fruit carving display by Ruben Olano for Disneyland Resorts

Fruit Carvings Mother's Day Those fruit carvings would definitely make a great gift for Mother’s Day – so unique and personal. I want to share with you this really kind e-mail that I received from Ruben along with his lovely photos:

I work for Disneyland Resorts and Hotels and I used to do all the fruit decoration for Thanksgiving, Mother’s Day, Easter and Christmas Buffets and sculptures for display in Banquets. But watching all the work that you have done from your pictures, my respect…you are truly an amazing artist.”

Coming from a Disney Resort Chef I consider that high praise indeed! Thanks Ruben for sharing your talents with us.

Tips on How to Make Easy Fruit Carvings for Your Next Special Event

Fruit Carvings Chocolate Strawberry Bouquet

Chocolate dipped strawberries are great for any special event

If you’re new to fruit and vegetable carving, here are a few tips to help you get started.

Making a beautiful centerpiece or fruit arrangement gift for your special event are easier than you think! I have a few free video lessons on my blog that will help you add that “wow” factor to your dinner and food presentation.

Instead of bringing flowers to your next dinner occasion, you can learn to make a simple yet elegant radish bouquet by signing up for my free lesson at the top of this page.

 If you really want to impress someone at your next special event, you can’t go wrong with chocolate covered strawberries. They’re delicious and impossible to resist. You can watch a video showing how to make and decorate your own chocolate dipped strawberries.
Have fun with the free video lessons and let me know how your creations turn out!

Learn To Make Fruit Carvings like a Pro with my DVDs and Online Lessons!

If you’ve ever wanted to make the fruit carvings you see at fancy resorts and hotels, you can with my step by step video lessons. Feel free to explore my online shop for lessons and tools that will have you delighting guests in no time!

You can learn everything from simple techniques for making fruit bouquets to more advanced melon carving to make the melon roses and flowers you saw in some of Ruben’s photos.

There are many other photos of fruit carvings and reader success stories on my blog that I think you will find inspiring. So feel free to explore the blog and have fun getting started on creating your own unique fruit carvings!

Learn to carve like a pro

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