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Fruit Carvings in Vietnam Cave

An eagle pineapple fruit carving in Vietnam

A carved pineapple eagle served with dinner on Jesse’s cruise through Halong Bay, Vietnam

Today I’d like to invite you to go on a trip to Vietnam to see some exotic fruit carvings.

My nephew Jesse and his fiancee were recently traveled to Vietnam and had some pictures of amazing fruit carvings to show me.

Although I’m sure that seeing fruit carvings wasn’t the main high point of their trip, I’m glad they thought of me!

Actually, it was the 3 day “junk boat” tour through Halong Bay that was the real highlight.

Take a look at their photos and go on a mini-vacation without having to leave your home!

Imagine being lead through a limestone cave in Vietnam to a sit down gourmet dinner, complete with exotic fruit carvings

Halong Bay in Vietnam is known for its almost 2000 beautiful limestone islands. My nephew and his fiancé were able to experience this natural wonder, up close and personal, on a 3 day “junk boat” cruise.

A cruise through Halong Bay, Vietnam with exotic fruit carvings

Three Day Junk Boat Cruise through Halong Bay, Vietnam

What incredible scenery! They were able to tour the interior of some the limestone caves as well.

Limestone caves in Halong Bay, Vietnam: Guests are served dinner with exotic fruit carvings

Limestone pillars in Halong bay, Vietnam

What do you think it would be like to go inside one of those caves?

Let’s take a look!

What came next was a total surprise to my nephew Jesse. Jesse’s fiancee had planned the boat tour section of their trip to Vietnam and did not reveal her entire plan.

Their junk boat anchored at one of the limestone islands and their tour group were lead on a twilight a walk. They were guided into a cave with a path lined with lighted candles.

Limestone cave in  Halong Bay, Vietnam where guests ate dinner served with exotic fruit carvings

A lit pathway inside one of the limestone caves

Once inside the dramatically lit cave, they were treated to a sit down meal, complete with servers, table settings and exotic fruit carvings!

A candle lit dinner in a limestone cave in Vietnam, complete with exotic fruit carvings

Imagine Jesse’s surprise to see this waiting for him inside one of the limestone caves

Imagine being inside this limestone cave, beautifully lit and prepared for a gourmet dinner. Doesn’t this sound like a great thing to do? I want to go there!

Exotic Fruit Carvings in Vietnam

Here are photos of the incredible fruit carvings that were displayed during dinner inside the limestone cave:

Fruit carvings in Halong bay, Vietnam

Squash fruit carving of a dragon in pineapple base.

Isn’t that amazing? Look at the all the fine detail that was put into the carving to make the dragon come alive.

Here are a few other fruit carvings that Jesse and his bride to be saw displayed during their dinner:

Pineapple eagle and melon boat

Some of the amazing fruit carvings displayed at Jesse’s surprise dinner inside a cave on a limestone Island in Halong Bay in Vietnam.

What an experience! I was so glad to hear that Jesse and his fiancee had a wonderful time in Vietnam. After seeing their photos, I can understand why!

Do you think a tour though limestone caves in Vietnam, complete with a candle lit dinner served with exotic fruit carvings, would be your ideal vacation?

I hope you enjoyed our little escape to Vietnam. Seeing my nephew’s photos makes me want to book a flight there!

The scenery was beautiful and oh my, I was impressed with those fruit carvings. I really enjoy seeing food art in places that are far from home for me. I find it so inspiring.

If you’d like to look at some really neat food art and fruit carvings in Brazil and China, check out these previous blog posts:

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If you have some stories from a trip to Vietnam or another part of the world where you’ve witnessed really exotic food art or fruit carvings, please share your stories or photos.

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  1. Heidi Fencik February 8, 2012 at 7:26 pm #

    Oh, what glorious pictures!! What a sweet, romantic and beautiful story. I needed something uplifting and your blog post today just did the trick perfectly. Thanks!!

  2. brave jaguar vargas September 24, 2012 at 3:37 am #

    amazing the squash fruit carving of a dragon in pine apple base i will try to add my creation …

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