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Fruit Carving Competition Winners – ACF Philadelphia & NY

There is lots of learning and fun to be had when participating in vegetable and fruit carving competition.

One of my customers is Chef Joe Renfroe who teaches at the Pennsylvania School of Culinary Arts in Lancaster PA. When he first contacted me he was looking for instructional DVDs for his students. He wrote,

I am always looking for other pieces of instructional information to show my students. I viewed some of your I viewed some of your work. Very good.”

Sometime after purchasing my Carving Watermelons – Roses, Buds and Leaves video for his students Joe sent me news of a competition he and his students participated in. Joe wrote,

I took my student to an American Culinary Federation (AFC) competition in Philadelphia last week and I took Gold professional and my students took Gold in the Student category. Here are some photos. Sorry about quality of pictures.”

Chef Joe Renfroe and his Students Win Gold at
Philadelphia ACF Fruit Carving Competition

ACF fruit carving competition winners

Gold Award Winners – Professional division winning entry on the left and Student Division winning entry on the right.

The students’ names are Barry Haga, Keith Bortz, and Kris Zeigler. They have only been carving with me for about 15 hours total contact time. Not bad I think.”  –  Joe Renfroe

Fruit Competition Award Winners

Gold Award Winners – Joe Renfroe on left and students Barry Haga, Keith Bortz, and Kris Zeigler on the right.

Chef Joe Renfroe and his students take Gold and Silver in New York Fruit Carving Competition

A week later, Joe took his students to another competition in New York where Joe received a gold in the Professional category and a Silver in the live carving mystery basket and his students took gold and silver in the student category of the ACF fruit carving competition.

Fruit carving competition ACF New York

Fruit carving competition ACF New York

Fruit carving competition ACF New York

Chef Joe Renfroe – Gold and silver winner at the ACF competition in New York

Congratulations to Joe and his students. Nice job!

I understand that Joe will be taking some of his students to compete in the U.S. Collegiate National Championships that will be held in Holland Michigan September 31 and October 1, 2011. I’ll be publishing more details on that vegetable and fruit carving competition in  future blog articles. If you want to me notified with more details of the upcoming  U.S. Collegiate National Championships fruit carving competition, sign up for my free lesson and you’ll be added to my newsletter list.

Whether you are a chef, a student or a fruit carving enthusiast, you can compete in fruit carving competitions, too. The American Chef’s Federation (ACF) has memberships available for students and professionals.  The ACF has local chapters all over the country. Just Google it and you will most likely find a chapter near you. You can join the ACF and participate in their fruit carving competition s or you can simply attend as a guest.

If you would like to view photos from other vegetable and fruit carving competitions take a look at the following articles on my blog:

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Maybe these photos will inspire you to attend or participate in a vegetable and fruit carving competition.

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  1. stephanie July 7, 2011 at 1:58 pm #

    GO Uncle Joe. Thats my uncle Joe. He is so awesome and does amazing work. Im proud of u Uncle Joe. Great job to the students as well. You have the best teacher.

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