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Fresh Fruit Cake

The idea for fresh fruit cake that I introduced several years ago has been super popular. Every time I post photos of fresh watermelon cakes adorned with other fresh fruits, I receive even more photos from my customer/students and blog readers. I recently published some photos of Healthy Birthday Cakes and sure enough, I received more photos. I sharing some of them with you here.

What is fun is to see that every person has their own variation on the idea. Each adds their own elements of originality. Remember that these are not professionally staged and lit photos. They are from people who enjoy having fun with fruit carving.

fresh fruit cake

This eye catching arrangement of a fresh fruit cake and fruit bouquet was created by customer/student Hannah Perryman in Australia.

Hello Nita, I have been doing your 101 course and particularly having fun with watermelon carving. As you say you will get oohs and ahhs, i have been asked by a few if i would do this for people…. Thanks for your lovely videos, i feel like I know you, and love the way you teach.

Another of Hannah Perryman's fresh fruit cakes

Here is another one of Hannah Perryman’s beautiful and creative fresh fruit cakes. It’s all carved watermelon. The solid green rind hearts make a pretty accent to the carve swags on the bottom layer.

I have had so many comments about my work (still feel an amateur!

This morning I walked into a Café with reputation for different and creative ideas. And he has given me a job of 30 small roses to go on dessert plates for an event next week!!!!

Last night I had a small party and created this for them. By the end of the evening everyone of the guests had taken a photo and posted it to social media! So I think people are appreciating something so creative. All thanks to you and your lovely way of teaching!

Australia doesn’t seem to have many people doing this kind of work. Maybe I will start a trend!

Thanks again for your advice.

Hannah Perryman

The carving techniques for Hannah’s cakes above and Diep’s cake below are taught in my Watermelon Cakes #1 and #2 lessons. I show how to carve cursive writing, like the ‘Happy Birthday’ on Hannah’s watermelon carving in my video lessons, Carving Letters and Words.

Diep Tran's fresh fruit cake

Here is another student version of the fresh fruit cake idea. Customer/student Diep Tran made this pretty cake for a rehearsal dinner.

Hi Nita
My friend ask me to make some fruit decoration for her son rehearsal dinner. This is one that I made for her. Want to share this with you.
Thanks. Diep Tran

Fresh watermelon birthday cake by Liana

Top view of fresh watermelon birthday cake by Liana Buciuman

Liana's watermelon birthday cake

Another view of Liana’s watermelon birthday cake

Fresh Fruit Cake Ideas that are Fancy looking but Simple to do

fresh fruit cake by Debi

Here is a fun variation. Debi Schonfeld left the rind on the lower tier and added cookie cutter fruit cut outs on skewers. Cute isn’t it?

Noradel Siago's fresh fruit multi layercake

Here is Noradel Siago’s fresh fruit cake with multiple layers, decorated with blueberries and topped with strawberries.

Fresh fruit watermelon cake by Charles

Charles Jeevaraj carved the number 61 to top his fresh fruit cake. It looks festive, doesn’t it?

Thank you to Hannah, Diep, Liana, Debi, Noradel, and Charles for their photos for their fun and creative watermelon cakes.

There are so many ways to make lovely fresh fruit cakes. You’ll find instructions in our video lessons, Watermelon Cakes #1 and #2. No baking required! Have fun making your own.

Learn to carve like a pro

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