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In each of the following articles you will find free instructional videos. Some will show you something new, some will give you quick ideas and some will give you complete lessons. Enjoy browsing these free instructional videos.

autumn decorations from carved squash and pumpkin

Autumn Pumpkin and Carved Squash Decorations

Decoration with carved squash and pumpkin are not just for Halloween. There are lots of ways to carve pumpkins and hard squashes that make them perfect for other fall festivities. In this article, I’ll show you how some of my students and readers have used carved pumpkins and other squashes for autumn parties. You might […]

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Pumpkin Portrait Made Easier with Transfer Pattern Paper

You might remember the story about my friend who carved her first pumpkin portrait  who I wrote about in a previous blog post. When came to visit us over this past weekend and we had planned for her to carve the pumpkin that her friends had asked her to carve. If you didn’t read my past […]

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Carved Chili flowers

How to Carve a Chili Flower

Here is a quick and easy way to make really impressive and beautiful red chili flower. Actually, I’m going to show you 2 styles of carved chili pepper flowers. You can see how I used red chili pepper flowers in a vegetable bouquet centerpiece that I made for Thanksgiving. The red jalapeno peppers are a […]

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