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Touchdown-Worthy Football Watermelon Carvings

We’re in the midst of football season and some of my readers and customer have decided to combine their love of fruit carving with their adoration of the game by creating fun football watermelon carvings.

Pro Carver’s Football Watermelon Carvings

Mariano Orozco, a customer of many of my lessons, is now an accomplished and prolific professional carver. He shared these two photos of watermelon carvings that he created in honor of the Oakland Raiders and San Francisco 49ers. There is heavy duty rivalry in the Bay Area between the Raiders and the 49ers. Which team does Mariano favor? I can’t tell from the quality of his carvings. They’re both great.


The Raiders logo pops against a brilliantly carved background on this watermelon carving.

(Being from the East Bay, I’ll bet Mariano is a Raiders fan.)

One Mariano Orozco's football watermelon carvings - 49ers

The details on this 49ers-inspired football helmet carving so well done. Any 49ers fan would love this.

To find out how to carve graphics and logos onto watermelons, look at my video lessons, Carving Letters and Words. When you want to carve graphics and letters, you’ll find my Pattern Transfer Paper and Pattern Transfer Fabric super useful.

Another past customer/student of mine who is a pro fruit carver, Aneta Lekas created these papaya football carvings. Clever idea, isn’t it.

football fruit carving by Aneta

Aneta Lekas carved a football from papaya.

Here is an easy to make watermelon helmet fruit salad idea provided by the National Watermelon Board.

watermelon football helmet fruit salad

Watermelon Football helmet fruit salad idea by the National Watermelon Board

If watermelons are not available to you during football season, try using a cantaloupe or honeydew instead.

New Carving Fan makes Creative Football Themed Watermelon Carvings

Newbie carver and student of my free lessons, Kellie White of Norman, Oklahoma shared these University of Oklahoma-inspired watermelon carvings with me this fall. How fun are these carvings? These would be perfect decorations for any football games this year and can easily be tailored to include your favorite teams logo.

She said,

I have enjoyed this new hobby! Your helpful hints have made a huge difference.”


This University of Oklahoma watermelon helmet serves double duty as both decoration and a fruit bowl.


The University of Oklahoma logo is front and center on another of Kellie White’s football watermelon carvings.


Another view of the football watermelon carving from the top

Football Carving of Another Kind

This last carving isn’t a watermelon but it’s still quite remarkable. Can you guess what it is carved from?


Who knew cheese could make such a beautifully carved football helmet?

Talented professional ice, pumpkin and cheese sculptor Dean Murray carved this football helmet out of a block of cheese.

Keep these carvings in mind for inspiration for any football parties you may attend this season. Football watermelon carvings may be the perfect addition to your Super Bowl party! Check out one of my previous blog post for more creative football themed food ideas.

To see some funny football watermelon carvings that are actually wearable helmets, click here.

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  1. Ric Testani January 28, 2015 at 4:27 pm #

    These are done very well and I think they are really cool to have at a super bowl party. I especially like the ones that show the dimensional colors of Green rind that is lightly shaved to show a slightly lighter shade of green. I would love for Ms. Nita to show an educational DVD on lightly removing the very top layer of rind and other dimensional techniques of that nature LOL. I may have to give it a try. Thank you for sharing and doing such great blogs.

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