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Amazing Food Sculptures at Food Trade Show in Brazil

Senorita Food Sculpture at Equipotel Food Trade Show 2011

This sassy Senorita, carved from eggplant, looks like she’s ready to go out on the town

I recently learned about a fascinating Food Trade Show that takes place in Brazil, featuring amazing food sculpture. Have you ever heard of Fair Equipotel? I hadn’t either until Chef Charlie from Carving Studio Brazil sent me photos of beautiful food art from this event.

Fair Equipotel in Brazil is held every year and is considered the largest and best Food Trade Show in Latin America. In 2011, the event was held in Sao Paulo and included a Food Sculpture Workshop (with some friendly competition) lead by Chef Charlie.

Realistic Food Sculptures at Food Trade Show in Brazil

Look at the facial expression on these pumpkin food sculptures of a woman in prayer. You can see  every detail from her eyelids and pupils to each strand of her flowing hair.

Food sculptures of praying lady at Fair Equipotel Food Trade Show

A woman in prayer carved from pumpkin was one of the works of art in Chef Charlie’s Food Sculpture Workshop

Here is another pumpkin food sculpture of a woman. Take a look at the detailed folds in her dress. the background picture behind her also composed of various vegetable carvings.

Pumpkin carving display of a woman at Equipotel Food Trade Show 2011

Fun Food Sculptures at Food Trade Show in Brazil


Looks like “you are what what you eat” was the message of this unique artwork

Here’s an interesting food sculpture display of the inside of a human chest that didn’t require any carving at all! It’s still extremely creative and quite amusing with it’s cauliflower lungs, leek esophagus, heart made of radishes, eggplant liver and more.

I especially like the food sculpture of the smoking woman at the top of this page. Isn’t it unique and clever? I love her sassy style. Notice how the artist carved the potatoes for the woman’s chest. What other foods can you see in this sculpture?

If you’d like to see more great examples of faces in food sculptures, check out my previous blogs about 3D pumpkin carvings and pumpkin and melon Santa Claus carvings.

Thanks Chef Charlie for the wonderful photos. I can’t wait to see what the Equipotel Food Trade Show brings in 2012!

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Food Sculptures and Local Food Trade Shows

Do you have food sculpture events where you live? What has been most memorable for you while attending a food trade show near you?

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