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Food Landscapes by Carl Warner

Have you ever seen the amazing food landscapes created and photographed by British photographer, Carl Warner?


Winter village made of cookies and confections - see larger image of same further in this article.

This amazing food artist was brought to my attention this week by one of my customer/students, M. Choquette.

British Photographer Creates Food Landscapes
that are a Feast for the Eyes.

Carl Warner, 45, first draws his ideas, then buys the produce and spends days creating food landscapes using a whole bunch of fresh ingredients…plus some pins and superglue.

His latest book, Food Landscapes, features many food art seascapes as well as scenes from around the world such as a wild west wagon scene complete with avocado cowboys. Take a look at Carl’s fantastic photos.

These food landscape images can take up to two or three days to build and photograph and then a couple of days retouching and fine tuning the images to blend all the elements of the food landscapes together. Carl spends a lot of time planning each image before shooting in order to choose the best ingredients to replicate larger scale shapes and forms within nature, so he spends a lot of time staring at vegetables in supermarkets which makes him seem a little odd! However, he is careful to point out that finding the right shaped broccoli to use as a tree is an all important task.

“Although there is a fair amount of waste, there is a lot of food left over which is always shared out with the team, though most of the food used in the sets have either been super glued or pinned and none of this makes for good eating!” says Carl.

Carl Warner’s use of color, food materials, lighting, design and photography are simply remarkable and combine to create the most amazing food landscapes. Carl, you are truly an artist!

carl warner food landscapes
Spot the fruit: Carl Warner’s ‘Coralscape’ features pineapples, coconuts, passion fruit, melons, lychees, kumquats, mangoes, lemons and limes – and that’s just the island!
looking at Carl Warner’s food landscapes is almost like playing “Where’s Waldo”. There are so many elements to look at.

Carl Warner’s Amazing Food Landscapes Use Fish for Water

Isn’t it amazing how Carl layered fish to look like the ocean. WOW! So creative. See if you can see all the lobsters, crabs, oysters, mussels, cockles, whelks and scallops compete alongside razor clams, pollack and cole. Not to mention salmon , sprats, sea bass, herring , mackerel, and whitebait… and some vegetables too.
Carl Warner building his Chocolate train scene
Portrait of the artist: Carl Warner displays his ‘Chocolate Express’ at St Pancras International Station to mark the launch of his book ‘Carl Warner’s Food Landscapes’
Spicy scene: Mr Warner’s riverscape includes soya yellow bean, cinnamon stick, dried lotus seeds and herbs, with physalis lanterns and a noodle floor, and bok choy and Savoy cabbage landscape.

carl warner food landscapes

An Italian country kitchen: mozzarella clouds, fresh pasta fields, green chili cypress trees, parsley hedging and crops, Parmesan buildings, red pasta roofs, parsley trees…and that’s just outside the window.

carl-warner-landscape - cookie village

Here is a larger image of the cookie village so that you can see more detail: Carl’s ‘village’ features chocolate mallow cookie pie, ginger almond and chocolate chip biscotti, chocolate peanut cookies and a raft ofother bakery favourites, dusted with icing sugar ‘snow’. Coconut macaroon clouds float above the idyllic scene.

If you like this and want to see more –

You can purchase Carl Warner’s book “Carl Warner’s Food Landscapes” at

Thank you M. Choquette for bringing Carl Warner and his remarkable food landscapes to my attention so that I could share his wonderful food art with my readers.

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    i have words to comment.. it is too overwhelming..makes one yearn to atleast attempt something..

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    nice!wonderful .thanks NITA GILL

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    hi Nita I looking for heavy knifes u cuters not china made any tip thank you

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  6. Bharti Trivedi January 2, 2015 at 3:44 pm #

    Thanks Nita for feed back…. It is amazing and very inspiring ……I always admired this natural pics created with the food… Wonderful Nita ..regards Bharti

  7. Ric Testani May 11, 2015 at 9:18 pm #

    I have his book and man it is awesome. I have referred to it a lot… Amazing

  8. thankammadevarajan August 30, 2018 at 3:08 am #

    excellent creative artist Mr Warner’s.big salute to u


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