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Food Fashion | Edible Dresses by Sung Yeonju and More

Food fashion by Sung Yeonju - banana dress

A banana dress by photographer Sung Yeonju

Earlier this week, I wrote a post about Italian photographer Fulvio Bonavia’s food fashion pictures. He has come up with really interesting and creative ways to pair food with clothing and accessories to make delicious designer photos. Well, this trend setting food art concept has been given a unique twist by another photographer from South Korea named Sung Yeonju.

Ms. Yeonju’s take on food fashion is in the form of edible dresses. Her designs look so chic that it’s hard to believe that they are made from fruits and vegetables, bubblegum and even chicken! Check out Sung Yeonju’s food clothing photos from her project called “Wearable Foods”.

Food Fashion | Sung Yeonju’s Edible Dresses

Here are some amazing food fashion photos from Sung Yeonju’s “Wearable Foods” project. See if you can guess what they are made of before looking at the captions.

Food Fashion tomato dress Yeonju

Tomato dress

Food Fashion lotus root dress Yeonju

Lotus root dress

Food Fashion Bubble gum blouse by Yeonju

Bubble gum blouse

Food Fashion bubble gum dress Yeonju

Bubble gum dress

Food fashoin eggplant dress Yeonju

Eggplant dress

Food Fashion Chicken dress Yeonju

Chicken dress – back view

Ms. Yeonju certainly knows how to present food in a way that captures the textures and contours in her edible food fashin designs. Her photos are a joy to look at!

More Food Fashion Photography by Sung Yeonju

Ms.Yeonju’s edible wearables were shown for the first time in the U.S. in January 2011 at a gallery in Los Angeles. I’m sure her work was received positively. She has come up with so many unique ideas for her photos. Here are a even more examples of her edible dresses:

Food Fashion white radish dress by Yeonju

White radish dress

Food Fashion spring onion dress by Yeonju

Spring onion dress

Food Fashion red cabbage dress by Yeonju

Red cabbage dress

Food fashion Enoki mushroom dress by Yeonju

Enoki mushroom dress

Food Fashion Enoki mushroom dress by Yeonju

Another variation of the enoki mushroom dress


How many of these food fashion photos could you guess the ingredients without looking at the caption to see what they are made of?

Aren’t those photos beautiful? Ms. Yeonju’s work is certainly innovative and inspiring! In case you were wondering, these dresses are created for photographing rather than for actual wear.

More Amazing Food Fashion and Edible Dresses

Food fashion and photography seem to have taken the world by storm. I don’t know if you follow popular news, but a couple of years ago, high profile singer Lady Gaga showed up to an award ceremony wearing a red meat dress. She made a food fashion statement in a bold, controversial way! Any way you look at it, edible fashion is an interesting concept!

Here are more delectable ideas for edible dresses from other parts of the world.

This chocolate dress, by the German Bakery group Lambertz, was worn by a model at an annual show in Munich in 2010:

Food Fashion chocolate dress

A chocolate dress created by the German bakery group Lambertz

How much do you love your sweets? Well, the wife of Ukranian pastry chef Valentyn Shtefano loved cream puffs enough to wear 1500 of them in a 20 pound dress!

Food Fashion cream puff dress

A cream puff wedding dress by Ukrainian pastry chef Valentyn Shtefano

This model stood for six hours while designers sewed together each individual artichoke leaf to fit her body:

Food Fashion artichoke dress

Elegant artichoke heart gown by photographer Ted Sabarese and designers Daniel Feld and Wesley Nault

These next few photos are  food fashion items made by some young crafty school mates for an Edible Art competition at their school. Check out the fun food fashion created by:

Becca C., Alexandra F.. Kelly L., Quinn. P. and Stephanie S.:

Food fashion candy and lettuce dresses

A sweet candy dress and a leafy green dress – which one would you eat first?

The multi colored candy dress is made from Fruit by the Foot, Fruit Roll-ups, Pull n’ Peel Twizzlers and a bit of icing, and some string to hold the boa of  Gummy Worms together….

Food fashion Candy accessories

Sweet edible accessories

Rice Krispie treats were used to build the heels, the scissor blades are made of carrots, the pin cushion is and orange and the pins are real.

They used thread to sew lettuce leaves to each other and to a saran wrapped dress form. Lots of layers for the bodice and the underskirt.

Necklane made of oranges

Orange sliced strung together to make a necklace

These young creative artists also covered a pair of shoes with lettuce to match! The rosettes are made of orange slices and bits of beet!

Food fashion vegetable shoes

Vegetable shoes – fashionable and nutritious!

What a wonderfully creative food fashion project for friends to do together!

They reported that, “The sweet dress was devoured in seconds (huge surprise, right?  Roll Eyes) while the healthy one was barely touched, hahaha.”

I hope you enjoyed the edible fashion photos from todays’ post. If you’re a fan of food and fashion, there’s no reason why you can’t create your own edible wear! As you saw from the last few photos, you don’t have to be a famous designer to make edible art that will entertain and delight your friends and family. Maybe the above photos can spark some ideas for your own food fashion fun!

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    This is really amazing. I like lotus root dress a lot. It looks simple but elegant too.Wow!

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    The dresses are all so pretty!

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