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Food Coloring for Vegetable and Fruit Carvings

The following is a question that I got from a student after he viewed my post showing photos of  Thai carvings at the Songkran festival. You can view those photos here: //

Perhaps you have this same questions, so here it is followed by my answer:

The question:

carved Daikon flowerHi and Good Afternoon:  I really liked the shade of purple used to dye the diakon.  Other than the standard blue,yellow,red and green food coloring found in grocery stores I have not been able to locate food coloring that gives a pastel shade to carvings.  I suppose I could mix red and blue and try to come up with an acceptable shade of purple but was wondering if oriental/asian stores handle a different food coloring than those commonly available?
Thank you again for the great pictures of the Thai event.     Al”

Here is my answer:

I suggest checking out a store that carries cake decorating supplies. If you have a Michael’s craft store they would carry cake decorating food coloring in various pastel colors. You’ll get much better results with these than trying to mix your own with standard food coloring red, blue, green,yellow. You can also find Wilton brand dyes for cake decorating online. You can Google it. Here is a direct link where you can order a set of 8 Wilton food colors that include lavender and rose pink at –

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  1. Julia Valentine September 10, 2011 at 10:28 am #

    Speechless. This is awesome.

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