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chocolate elephant

100 Pound Chocolate Elephant Sculpture

Take a look at this fantastic chocolate elephant! It’s a real treat for the eyes. Paul Joaquim and Michelle Boyd of the Food Artists Group created this beautiful chocolate elephant for the Busch Gardens Food and Wine Festival in Tampa, Florida. How Did They Create this Lovely Chocolate Elephant? Paul Joaquim who is a chocolate sculptor, […]

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gingerbread scene close up details

12 Fantastic Gingerbread Houses

I’ve got some beautifully creative gingerbread houses to share with you in this post. Last week I went to a Christmas party with my FitTap tap dancing class. The Omni Hotel La Costa Resort in Carlsbad California was celebrating it’s 50th anniversary. I was pleasantly surprised to see that they were displaying a whole bunch […]

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ornamental orange peel face

Ornamental Orange Peeling in 1905

One of my blog readers, Brenda Joyce e sent me these old photos of ornamental orange peeling. Although fruit carving has been around for hundreds, if not thousands, of years in Asia, these are the oldest photos I’ve seen. This article on ornamental orange peeling was published in a 1905 edition of American Home and […]

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Cheese Carving – Success on first try

We enjoy all forms of food art, including cheese carving. Ric Testani, a student of many of my fruit and vegetable carving lessons, recently shared a few photos of his first attempt at cheese carving. He used cheddar and provolone cheese to create a Bat Mitzvah-themed carving for his boss’ niece. I knew we had a large […]

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Banana Art

Who knew a banana peel and a safety pin is all it takes to create amazing works of Banana Art? We were amazed when we discovered these incredible carved portraits by graphic artist and illustrator, Honey. She’s created amazing recreations of iconic photos, including this James Dean illustration on the right. But there’s more to […]

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Disney Princess pancakes

Pancake Art – How to make fun art for breakfast

I’ve featured a lot of unique forms of food art on this blog and when I saw Nathan Shield’s pancake art on YouTube, I knew I had to showcase his special talent as well. While pancakes are simply a breakfast food to most people, Nathan manages to turn them into incredible works of art. Nathan began experimenting with pancake art […]

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screaming oranges

Food Art Day at Assisted Living Center Brings Smiles

When reader Diane Keegan organized a Food Art Day during National Assisted Living Week (which is usually in mid September), she demonstrated that it’s just as much fun to make people smile as it is to create a culinary masterpiece. Food art is not necessarily about making the prettiest, perfect designs. Sometimes it’s just about […]

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spice explosion

Spice Explosion – a Vibrant Feast for the Senses

The videos on this page are really WOW! A true feast for the eyes and ears. I recently posted a blog about Kelly McCollam’s works of spice art and while looking for more spice art, came across this fantastic video of a choreographed spice explosion. The spice brand Schwartz, commissioned this amazing video where about […]

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