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Food Art Pictures | Edible Fashion by Fulvio Bonavia

Food Art Pictures by Fulvio Bonavia

Food Fashion by photographer Fulvio Bonavia

Today I’d like to showcase some witty food art pictures by award-winning photographer, Fulvio Bonavia from Milan, Italy. Food has become an increasingly popular medium for photographers, as it allows them to create art that is appealing to a number of senses, including our taste buds!

Fulvio Bonavia’s unique take on food art pictures involves combining food and fashion. According to Mr. Bonavia, this concept is intriguing because food and fashion are both “objects of desire”:

People with means tend to indulge themselves with what they choose to wear and what they eat….food photography is considered “successful” when it makes you want to eat what you see. But what my aim was is to make something “cheap” , something like broccoli that you can find at any old supermarket, into something chic and elegant”.

And yes, Mr. Bonavia uses real food for his food art pictures so he has to work fast! Take a look at the imaginative and fashionable food art pictures by photographer Fulvio Bonavia.

Edible Fashion | Food Art Pictures by Photographer Fulvio Bonavia

Fulvio Bonavia began his career as a graphic designer and illustrator. As a photographer, he brings his unique vision to each and every one of his pictures and is involved in the production of all his photos from start to finish. He has captured the attention of photographers, as well as food and fashion enthusiasts from all over the world with his wearable edibles! Check out Mr. Bonavia’s food art pictures below:

Food Art Pictures squid fish egg rings by Fulvio Bonavia

Squid fish egg rings

Food Art Pictures Artichoke hat by Fulvio Bonavia

A stylish artichoke hat

Food Art Pictures Almond Cashew Sandals by Fulvio Bonavia

Almond cashew sandals

Food Art Pictures Cheese handbags by Fulvio Bonavia

Chic cheese handbags

Food Art Pictures jelly candy bracelets by Fulvio Bonavia

A sweet pair of jelly candy bracelets

Food Art Pictures Lettuce Underwear by Fulvio Bonavia

A fashion forward take on edible underwear using lettuce leaves!

Food Art Pictures Bon Bon Earings by Fulvio Bonavia

A tasty piece of jewlery - bon bon earings

Mr. Bonavio certainly has an eye for detail and can see the potential of how simple foods can become objects of beauty. His unique way of looking at things is what allows him to come up with some of the unlikely pairings in his edible fashion creations:
I pay a lot of attention to texture, that’s what first catches my eye as a photographer….some foods have an interesting texture in and of themselves, and so I begin with that. I’m really inspired by fish – their silvery, almost metallic look. And the softness of cauliflower, for example, struck me as perfect for a hat. Or the volume of broccoli seemed suited for a handbag. It really all depends. Each picture and pairing came about in its own way.” 

More Food Art Pictures by Fulvio Bonavia

More of Fulvio Bonavia’s edible art pictures are included in an amazing collection of food fashion in his book “A Matter of Taste”. As Mr. Bonavia describes it, the book is as much a collection of stories as it is of pictures:

Well, at the time of the book, I was shooting in large-format film not digital. The main thing about taking pictures with fresh food – and yes, everything was real – is that you have to be fast. But really, as with the conception, every picture’s execution has its own different story”

Here are a few more example of Mr. Bonavia’s wonderful edible fashion pictures:

Food Art Pictures eggplant slippers by Fulvio Bonavia
Elegant eggplant slippers
Food Art Pictures rice garlic boots by Fulvio Bonavia

A fluffy pair of rice garlic boots


Food Art Pictures berry purse by Fulvio Bonavia

Mr. Bonavia is well known for his beautifully textured edible purse photographs

When asked if he used real berries for the purses, Mr. Bonavia responded with:

Yes, yes (laughing). Real berries. I’d create this mock-up of a handbag. And then in post-production, I’d “attach” the handle or chain. But this is why I have to work fast. When you’re working with fresh produce, it has to be shot immediately.”

Mr. Bonavia admits that the sardine belt was one of his most difficult pictures to shoot:

Food Art Pictures sardine belt by Fulvio Bonavia

A sleek silvery sardine belt

One of the hardest images was the fish belt, I have to admit. I love fish, I love the look of it – and one of my next projects will be entirely fish-centred – but to make this belt, I had to string up all the fish, one by one, on transparent wire. That image actually needed a lot of retouching. There was, um, quite a bit of blood to get rid of”.

Mr. Bonavia’s food art pictures collection would not be complete without a pasta-inspired piece because, as he revealed in an interview:

The one food you could never give up?…That’s easy: pasta. I know it sounds predictable from an Italian, but it’s the one thing I truly miss when I’m abroad. My pasta. I just can’t do without it, it’s in my blood, I suppose.”

Food Art Pictures pasta belt by Fulvio Bonavia

A pasta belt inspired by one of Mr. Bonavia's staple foods

What a truly gifted artist and visionary. I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of Fulvio Bonavia’s unique creations in the future!

Other Amazing Examples of Food Art Pictures

When it comes to amazing food art pictures, another name that comes to mind is Carl Warner. Combing food with breath taking landscapes, riverscapes and everyday scenery, photographer Carl Warner has created a spectacular collection of food art pictures in his book called “Carl Warner’s Food Landscapes”.

Food Art Pictures by Carl Warner

Carl Warner’s ‘Coralscape’ features pineapples, coconuts, passion fruit, melons, lychees, kumquats, mangoes, lemons and limes – and that’s just the island!

You can read more about Carl Warner’s food landscapes in my blog here. You may also enjoy some other examples of food art around the world in my previous blogs:

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I hope you enjoyed the food art pictures by Fulvio Bonavia. Perhaps you found them inspiring enough to try creating your own food art pictures!


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