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Food Art – Chinese Sugar Painting

Here is another amazing food art that I stumbled across today. It is Chinese Sugar Painting. I’ had never heard of it before but look how beautiful this is.

Roadside Treat Food Art

food art - sugar painting

Chinese Sugar painting sold as a roadside treat

I’ll bet you have to work quickly to have the sugar at just the right temperature.

I find it interesting how an art that requires such skill is sold as a simple roadside treat.

There seems to be no end to interesting ways to create art with food.

If any of you sugar artists out there are inspired to try this, I’d love to see your photos.

Other Remarkable Food Art

Chocolate food art is much more common but, to me, it’s still interesting to see how easily skilled chocolate chefs can create. Take a look at this video, he makes it look so easy!

If you’d like to see another offbeat and interesting food art, check out my blog post showing coffee art.

Another food art that I recently blogged about that is absolutely incredible is the Food Landscapes by Carl Warner. Take a look, Carl’s photos are truly a feast for the eyes.

And of course, this blog is full of all kinds of vegetable and fruit carving food art. Feel free to browse around and enjoy!

What kind of food art will you be inspired to make?

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2 Responses to Food Art – Chinese Sugar Painting

  1. pooja bhati January 22, 2012 at 10:46 pm #

    so beautiful, very much creative job, really luv it


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