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Food Art | Chinese Fruit Pit Carving

Recently, I stumbled upon an amazing food art that has been practiced in China for centuries. It’s a form of fruit carving you could say, but it involves carving the pit of fruits. I’ve never heard of it before but was amazed at how beautiful and intricate it is.

China’s Incredible Miniature Food Art

This miniature folk food art is called “Heidao” in Chinese and refers to both fruit pit and walnut carving. Remember as you look at these that the photos that most of them are larger than life size. These are small fruit pits!

Food art Chinese Fruit pit carving

The Chinese art of fruit pit carving – a detailed peach stone carving

Peach stones are most commonly used for carving. Other fruit pits used include apricot stones and olive stones It requires a highly skilled carver and special tools to create a beautiful end product.

Look the incredible detail in these fruit pit carvings. What a unique form of food art!

Chinese Food Art fruit pit carving

Carved peach stones are often worn as necklaces or pendants.

Food art peach pit pendantA pendant carved from a peach stone is worn in Chinese culture to ward off evil spirits

Food Art Chinese fruit pit carving

I am just so awe-struck by this incredible Chinese miniature food art. Just look at all the different facial expressions carved into these fruit pits:

The food art of Chinese fruit pit carving

Detailed faces carved into fruit pits


 More Amazing Food Art in China

There is some serious food art that happens in China. For example, a few months ago I discovered Chinese sugar painting.

You can check out Chinese Sugar painting on my previous blog post by clicking here. You can see a video on how this is done. It’s a really beautiful art form, comparable to traditional painting – and it’s edible too!

Check out this Video on the Amazing Food Art of Fruit Pit Carving

Here is a really interesting video on the food art of fruit pit carving. Bob Shamey from Pennsylvania is a tooth pick carver and a fruit pit carver.

In the video, you can first see how he turns toothpicks into wonderful works of art. Then he’ll move onto food art using peach pits for carving.

Food Art can be really beautiful and takes practice and skill just like any traditional art form. It’s also fun and can usually be eaten afterwards. I say usually because some artists use food just for display purposes or art exhibitions.

If you want to see some more interesting food art, click on the link below:

Amazing Food Art

This blog is also full of ideas on making your own food art out of fruit and vegetables, so feel free to browse around or check out my free lesson on vegetable carving for beginners!


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  1. LUCIA April 10, 2012 at 11:01 am #

    That’s amasing-I had never seen this kind of carving- Thanks for sharing it!

    • Nita April 12, 2012 at 2:22 pm #

      You are welcome :~)

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