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Festive Holiday Food Garnishes

red and green chili garnishesHappy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays.

Whatever your culture or religion, so many of us are celebrating holidays during December. We’re decorating, gathering with friends and family, giving gifts, preparing meals and entertaining.

Here are a few ideas for festive food garnishes and edible centerpieces during December. Some of these ideas can be used year ’round.

Carved Watermelon Salad for Hanukkah

This watermelon fruit bowl carved with a menorah and dreidel to celebrate Hanukkah was sent to me by blog reader Zev Messinger. Sweet, isn’t it?

Carved Hanukkah watermelon with menorah and dreidel

Carved Hanukkah watermelon with menorah and dreidel by Zev Messinger


Festive Holiday Garnishes

Leek Ribbon flowers can also be used as a pretty decoration for your table setting. They look a lot like a pretty bows that you would see on a gift wrapped present. You can learn how to make these in my Hearts and Roses video lessons.

leek ribbon flower garnish

Leek Ribbon flowers (by Nita Gill) can be pretty additions to your table setting.


Garnishes by Student Barbara Polanka

Light green leek ribbon flowers can make pretty garnishes for your holiday serving platters. Imagine serving your turkey or roast beef along side these pretty garnishes. These leek ribbon flowers were made by Basia (Barbara) Polanka in Poland. She is a student/customer of my Hearts and Roses video lesson. This and the following few photos from Barabara show some of her very first attempts at vegetable and fruit carving. Even with caring for her 5 grandchildren, Barbara makes time to have fun with carving.

Leek ribbon flowers

Leek ribbon flowers by Barbara Polanka

Tomato roses are easy garnishes that you can make. With it’s bright red color, they can be a festive addition to holiday menu. You can learn how to make tomato roses like these that student Barbara Polanka made.  You can learn how by watching the short free video showing how to make tomato roses.

tomato roses garnishes by Barbara Polanka

Tomato roses garnishes by Barbara Polanka

Here are a variety of garnishes that  Barbara combined on one plate.

platter of garnishes

Platter of garnishes by Barbara Polanka


Christmas Colored Garnishes

Red and green chili peppers are the bright traditional colors of Christmas. These made great garnishes for any dish. I like to use them to decorate our platters of tamales that we often serve at our family Christmas dinners. You can see a short video on my blog showing how to make these vibrant chili pepper flowers.

red and green chili garnishes

Red and green chili are festive garnishes for Christmas menus


Vegetable Arrangements by Student Dushinka Suarez

These next few garnishes and vegetable bouquets could be used at any time of year. They were made my another student/customer of my Vegetable and Fruit Carving 101 Course, Dushinka (Dinah) Suarez who lives in Mexico. She made them for an event at her church.

This vegetable bouquet is something that would delight the guests of any party, at any time of year. These are fun to bring to potlucks or parties when you are asked to bring an appetizer. You can make your favorite dip for the veggies to offer on the side.

If you focus on using red, white and green vegetables, your completed veggy bouquet will have the colors of Christmas.

Edible vegetable bouquet

Edible vegetable bouquet made by Dushinka Suarez

Dushinka also made the following onion flower arrangement for her church event.

Onion flowers

Onion Flower arrangement made by Dushinka Suarez

vegetable garnishes

Made with leftovers, Dushinka made this "salad of the day"

I hope that you find some ideas that you can use to add some pretty and festive garnishes to your holiday plates. If you want to learn how to make some of these lovely garnishes, the onion flowers, vegetable bouquet and many of the vegetable flowers in the bouquet are taught in my Vegetable and Fruit Carving 101 Course for Beginners.

More Holiday Garnishes and Centerpiece Ideas from Previous Blog Articles

For more Christmas carving ideas, take a look at five of my previous blog posts.

1. Click here to see more about this charming vegetable house that is a healthy alternative to the traditional gingerbread house.

Cindy Halferty’s Edible Garden House Vegetable Art

Cindy Halferty’s charming Vegetable Garden House

2. You can see several watermelon and pumpkin carved Santas like this one.

Christmas Carving -Pumpkin Santa Carved by Simon Paul Muscat

Pumpkin Santa Carved by Simon Paul Muscat

3. You can see a baby Jesus in the manger carved from a large pumpkin by Jim Morgan.

4. Click here to see more Christmas carving ideas from last year including another great carved watermelon Santa.

5. And, to see a video showing how you can make a few more Christmas centerpieces, click here.

I hope all of these photos and videos of holiday food garnishes give you plenty of food for thought for making your own fruit and vegetable holiday decorations.

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