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How to get the Video Lessons for International Student/Customers – Portrait Course

This video should answer most all of your questions about getting lessons, specifically the Portrait Carving Course. The process is the same for other courses and lessons.

(You may want to turn your volume down a little. This video is a little loud.)


Here is the link to our Portrait Course. Click to find out more and to start making your own amazing carved portraits.

Here are links to related tools for carving pumpkin Portraits:
Pumpkin Carving Tools
Pattern Transfer Sampler

Here are related tools for carving  watermelon Portraits:
Thai Pro Knife
Pattern Transfer Fabric

For easily adding scalloped or V-cut finishing edges to pumpkin or watermelon portraits
Professional U-V Tools – 7 piece set

Here are links to our other  Video Lessons, and our Shop.

If you still have specific questions after watching this video you can send your questions on our contact us page.

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