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12 Fantastic Gingerbread Houses

I’ve got some beautifully creative gingerbread houses to share with you in this post.

Last week I went to a Christmas party with my FitTap tap dancing class. The Omni Hotel La Costa Resort in Carlsbad California was celebrating it’s 50th anniversary. I was pleasantly surprised to see that they were displaying a whole bunch of elaborate gingerbread houses in the lobby. I’m sharing my favorites with you.

These photos hardly do the actual ginger bread houses justice because these photos are just a few  inches while the actual gingerbread structures were two to three feet tall. The details were amazing.

This first photo is the grand prize winner. I think it was chosen because it highlighted the theme of La Costa Resort as well as the anniversary.

Gingerbread Houses created for La Costa REsort's 50th anniversary

This gingerbread scene highlights the theme of La Costa Resort and it’s 50th anniversary

one of the gingerbread houses at La Costa

This gingerbread house was inspired by the King Edward Hotel in Toronto Canada. It even had semitransparent candy “glass” in the windows. This was several feet tall.

This one has a lot of great details.

This gingerbread house has a lot of great details.

gingerbread scene close up details

Here’s a better look at the details. Notice the bows on the tiny gift, the Christmas treen ornaments. and the striped poles. And, there is so much more.

"Frozen" gingerbread-house

This was named “Frozen Gingerbread Castle”. It was inspired by the Disney movie Frozen. This was a tall structure, too.

gingerbread-houses - La Costa Resort Golf Theme

I like how this display is in keeping with the original Spanish style of La Costa Resort with it’s golf and swimming amenities.


Honey Bee gingerbread castle

The dark gingerbread on this castle makes it look different than the othes.


This is the winner of the “Most Creative” category.

Here are are a bunch more of the gingerbread houses for your viewing pleasure.


gingerbread-houses_2516 gingerbread-houses_2522


Peanuts gingerbread scene was a popular favorite with the children. It got lots of votes on Instagram.

The following few photos show the table in the center of the lobby that was filled with creative gingerbread houses and sugar art.



This charming fondant sculpture features the spa amenities at the Omni La Costa Resort. Isn’t it cute?


Another view of the gingerbread village


La Costa Resort’s golf amenities are featured in this sugar art.


The colorful swirl dome was made of M&Ms.


Tennis court sugar art features another of the La Costa Resort amenities.

I hope that you enjoyed seeing these beautifully creative gingerbread houses.

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  1. Ric Testani December 30, 2015 at 8:01 pm #

    These are wonderful works of art. They have so much work in the detail and in the

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