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Fall Pumpkin Flower Arrangements – No Carving Required

What if you want to decorate with pumpkins but don’t want to carve? You can add the seasonal touch of autumn by adding pumpkins to any flower arrangement.

Here are a couple of pretty ideas I stumbled across at the flower section of my local grocery store.

pumpkins in vase

Putting small pumpkins in a glass vase is is a novel way to decorate with pumpkins


Pumpkins can be used as a vase for holding a flower arrangement

These pumpkin vase ideas are simple and pretty. The actual container holding the flowers has been placed inside the hollowed out pumpkins.

Want a super easy pumpkin bouquet? Buy an arrangement of flowers already made up that are in a vase the right size to place inside your pumpkin. Or, have the florist put together an arrangement in a vase that you provide that will fill in your pumpkin. Hollow out your pumpkin, plop the vase into the pumpkin, and you’ve got a beautiful fall bouquet. Easy!

If you want to make your pumpkin vase even more beautiful, you can carve a design into the rind of the pumpkin.

fall pumpkin flower arrangements

Here are a couple of fall pumpkin flower arrangements that use pumpkins for the vase.

These type of fall pumpkin flower arrangements would be pretty for autumn weddings or any other autumn celebration.

Learn to carve like a pro

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