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Faces Carved on Watermelons Celebrate Wedding, Birthday & Anniversary

Faces carved on watermelons can make a special decoration for a variety of celebrations.

Faces Carved on Watermelon for Wedding

Student/customer Ms. Jamen carved her sister and her fiance’s faces onto a watermelon that was then used as a fruit bowl and centerpiece for a fruit table. Unfortunately, the table with it’s beautiful carving display got knocked over before the bride had a chance to see it! It’s one of those frustrating wedding disasters that only become funny, later. 😉

wedding couple's faces carved on watermelon

Ms. Jamen carved the wedding couple’s faces on a watermelon after learning from our Portrait Carving Course.

photo of couple

Here is the original photo that was used to make the pattern for the carving.


Thanks for your help.

Here is my work at the wedding this past weekend.

Thank you for your tips.
I will always buy lessons from your website.

Fun fact: Someone made the fruit table fall before my sister could see it 🙁

Ms. Jamen

YOU can make recognizable portraits carved on watermelons!

Just imagine how impressed your guests will be when they see YOUR carved watermelon faces! Find out how to carve faces on watermelons with our Portrait Carving Course.  It gives full instructions on how to create patterns from photos. It also shows which photos will make good patterns and how to take photos that will make good patterns. And of course, it shows how to carve faces. Even though it looks difficult, YOU CAN do this once you see how.

This next watermelon face was carved by professional carver Aneta Lekas who is also a customer of our Portrait Carving Course. Look how recognizable her carving is, compared to the original photo!

face carved on watermelon by Aneta Lekas

This watermelon face carving was done by pro carver Aneta Lekas. What a great likeness! Right?!

Faces carved on watermelons can make great decorations for a birthday or for any occasion to honor a loved one.

Faces Carved on Watermelon for Wedding Anniversary

Professional carver and customer of our Portrait Course, Svetlana Partem created the following two watermelons carved with faces. She made them to celebrate her wedding anniversary.

face carved on watermelon for wedding anniversary

Svetlana Partem carved her husband’s face onto this watermelon for their anniversary. She did a great job and it looks like her husband in the photo, doesn’t it?

faces carved on watermelons for wedding anniversary by Svetlana Partem

For these faces carved on a watermelon, Svetlana made a line drawing to use as a pattern and it looks great, too. We don’t have a photo to compare it to but I can tell you that it does look very much like Svetlana. Happy Anniversary Svetlana and hubby!

To find out how to make faces carved on watermelons, check out our Portrait Carving Course by clicking here. You’ll be glad you did!

Oh, and you’ll love our Pattern Transfer materials that make carving faces and other graphic patterns faster and easier.

Learn to carve like a pro


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