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Scary and Silly Faces Carved on Pumpkins

Carving recognizable faces onto pumpkins is fun. For Halloween, it’s even more fun to carve some scary or silly faces. Here are a couple of examples of silly and scary faces carved on pumpkins. The best way for you to learn to carve pumpkin faces is with our Portrait Carving Course.

I carved the following images starting with a scary photo of me. I carved the teeth to look more crooked and jagged to make the pumpkin carving look even more creepy.

Scary face pumpkin carving of Nita

Scary face pumpkin carving of Nita. Exaggerating the jaggedness of teeth adds to the creepiness. Leaving the texture of the skin kinda lump helps, too.

The key is to start with a fun photo. In my video Portrait Carving Course, I teach how to choose or create photos that will make good carving patterns. I show how to turn the photo into and pattern and how to best transfer it to your pumpkin. Then I show how to carve to get 2 toned, 3 toned and multi-toned effects. You’ll be surprised at how recognizable your faces carved on pumpkins can be.

faces carved on pumpkins in daylight

These carved faces of my granddaughter on pumpkins don’t look like much until they are lit from inside. Then they come alive.

Smiling face pumpkin carving

Smiling faces are nice, but silly faces carved on pumpkins can be more fun. See the photos below.

one of the silly faces carved on pumpkins

Same girl, different face. Have a little fun trying some silly faces like this one.

Silly face for making carving pattern

Here is the photo of my granddaughter that I used to make a pattern to carve the silly face pumpkin.

Have a little fun coming up with crazy photos for your pumpkin carvings.My granddaughter and I had a lot of laughs coming up with funny faces for the photos.

I hope this give you some ideas that you can use for your Halloween pumpkins. If you’d like to learn step-by-step how to carve faces on pumpkins, check out my Portrait Carving Course.

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3 Responses to Scary and Silly Faces Carved on Pumpkins

  1. Nikki October 29, 2014 at 9:22 am #

    Thanks, Your granddaughter so young and yet so very good artist with pumpkins.. She is very adorable! Happy Halloween !

    • Nita Gill October 29, 2014 at 1:02 pm #

      Thanks Nikki. My granddaughter made faces for the photos. I carved them. She is still a bit young to teach this technique.

  2. Priscilla October 29, 2014 at 10:14 am #

    Tooooo Cute!

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