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Easy Pumpkin Carving Tip and other Halloween Ideas

Halloween will be here in just a few more days. If you are planning to carve any pumpkins – whether it be a detailed carving or a simple jack o lantern face take a look at this 2 minute video. It will show you a quick easy way to hold your pumpkin in place securely when carving. I use something similar when I carve watermelons. I picked up this specific idea from Chef Robert Childers. Take a look.

You can use a plasticfoam or styrofoam ring to hold your pumpkins securely in place for carving. Placing you pumpkin on the ring enables you to reposition the pumpkin to make any surface that you are carving easier to reach comfortably. This will make pumpkin carving a bit easier.

Creepy dried up radish bouquet

Leave the radish bouquet on the counter for 4 – 7 days and you’ll end up with this creepy bouquet perfect for Halloween

You can buy these rings at any craft store that carries florist supplies. These rings are intended for making wreaths. The 8″ ring is about the right size for average sized pumpkins. If you have really large pumpkins, you can buy a larger ring.

You can cover your ring with duct tape or electrical tape to make it easier to wipe off and keep clean. The tape can also give you the advantage of making a little more tack and less slippery so that it holds your pumpkin more securely.

If you are planning a Halloween party and want some creepy decorations, you can make a radish bouquet like the one that I teach in my free lesson. Enjoy it for a day and then let it sit out on the counter for a few more days. The radishes will shrivel up and turn a dark red.

Dried up Carved Roses and Turnips

Let a beet and turnip rose bouquet sit out on the counter for 4- 7 days to get this scary Halloween bouquet.

If you have not already seen the lesson on how to made a pretty radish bouquet you can do so by signing up for the free lesson to the right on this page.

You can also make a creepy black  rose bouquet made from beets. The beets will dry up and turn a ghoulish blackish red. Lessons showing how to make roses from beets and turnips can be found here.

I’ll bet none of your guests will have never seen creepy Halloween bouquets like these before.

It you have some original ideas for other creepy Halloween themed carvings, I’d love to see them.


Learn to carve like a pro

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2 Responses to Easy Pumpkin Carving Tip and other Halloween Ideas

  1. Gloria Rojas October 27, 2010 at 3:38 pm #

    Thanks Nita for your tips. I would like to have a fruit carving video.

  2. Valerie Darnell October 28, 2010 at 4:15 pm #

    Wow, such a simple step and it will make all the difference. Thanks

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