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Easter Watermelon Carvings

Here are some lovely Easter carvings made my a few of past students of our video lessons. Even if you don’t celebrate Easter, variations on these watermelon carvings ideas can be put to use anytime you want to create something special.

Watermelon Easter Baskets and Cake

Watermelon basket with root vegetable roses

This beautifully done watermelon basket with beet and turnip roses is perfect for Easter. Created by customer/student Weronika Front Tymich.

We have a video lesson teaching how to carve a basket weave pattern. You’ll find it by clicking here. You can learn how to carve beet and turnip roses in our Hearts and Roses video lessons.

Easter Watermelon cake by Rose Flores

Top view of watermelon cake that past customer/ student Rose Flores created for Easter.

I teach how to make cakes like these in our Watermelon Cakes video lessons.

Watermelon cake for Easter

Side view of Rose Flores’ lovely Easter watermelon cake.

Watermelon fruit bowl by Sergio Martinez

Watermelon bowl carved with watermelon rose and filled with fruit is another great idea for Easter. This beautiful fruit bowl was created by customer/student Sergio Martinez.

You can learn how to carve roses in watermelons in our video lessons, Carving Watermelons – Roses, Buds and Leaves.

Easter  Watermelon Portrait

Jesus watermelon carving by Sergio Martinez

The reason for the season. Sergio Martinez carved this watermelon with the likeness of Jesus.

Easter Watermelon Carving Patterns

You can learn to carve recognizable portraits of anyone, even your love ones, in our Portrait Carving video lessons. You’ll find our Transfer Pattern Fabric an excellent way to more quickly and easily carve watermelon portraits and graphic patterns.

You can learn how to carve patterns like the Easter Patterns below in our video lessons, Carving Letters and Words.

Easter bunny fruit carving by Sergio Martinez

Easter bunny watermelon carving by Sergio Martinez. He used the pattern we offer in our shop.

Sergio also dipped fresh strawberries in pretty pastel colored candy coating. If you want to carve watermelons like these,  you’ll find this Easter Bunny pattern above and the cross pattern below in our set of Easter Patterns. It’s fastest and easiest to use our printable Pattern Transfer Fabric for carving patterns like these, or your own graphic designs.

Cross watermelon carving by Sergio Martinez

Sergio Martinez carved this cross watermelon fruit carving using the pattern that we offer in our shop.

For all of these carvings, our Thai Pro knife is an essential tools.

I hope that these Easter watermelon carvings created by our past student/customers inspire you to make something beautiful for your Easter celebration.

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