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Easter Melon Carvings

Take a look at several beautiful Easter melon carvings that were made by a student and blog reader. These may give you some ideas for your next Easter carvings that will delight your friends and family.

Easter lily watermelon carving

Beautiful Easter lily watermelon carving by Roses Flores

Isn’t this Easter lily melon bowl beautiful? It was created by Rose Flores who is a past student of my lessons. She carved a pretty graphic pattern of an Easter lily then surrounded it with a circle with tiny carved  zig zags that pick up the dark green of the rind. Then she carved a 3 dimensional petal pattern around the bowl.

You can learn to carve Easter Melon Carvings like these!

You can created lovely carvings with the carving techniques that Rose used. The petal pattern is taught in our Watermelon Cakes video lessons. You can learn to create a carve carve graphic patterns like this Easter Lily (above) and the Easter bunnies (below) in our video lessons Carving Letters and Words. The zig zag carving technique is taught in our video lessons, Carving Melons, Smooth and Jagged petals. Once you learn these techniques, you can mix and match them in your own original carvings as Rose has done so beautifully.

Helpful tools for making carvings like these

Our Pattern Transfer Fabric makes carving patterns like this faster and easier. And, our Thai Pro knife is essential for carving the delicate petal pattern so successfully, as well as for removing the dark green rind of the watermelon the lily pattern and the bunny pattern.

Two carvings I did for the celebration of Easter 2017….only had a couple hours to do the bunny carving, otherwise I would have made the white spaces a little cleaner….fun all the same….Happy Late Easter Greetings!!
– Rose Flores

Another of Rose's Easter melon carvings with Easter bunnies

Cute watermelon carving with Easter bunnies by Rose Flores. The line of polka dots is easy to do using our mini-melon baller that comes in our set of Corrugated U-cutters.


Easter Bunny arrangement with carved melon

Easter Bunny arrangement by Aby Viera

This charming Easter Bunny centerpiece was made by Aby Viera. I features a cute Easter bunny made from honeydew melon with colored Easter eggs. The garden is made up of leeks, kale, carved cucumbers, small bell peppers and carved radishes.

Free Video Lesson

You can find a free video lesson showing how to make one type of these chili pepper flowers by clicking here.

You can see a similar Easter bunny that I made from cantaloupe in a previous blog post. It’s fun to see how the same Easter bunny melon carving idea can look so different.

Melons carved with roses can be used for many occasions.

"Blessings" watermelon carving for Easter

“Blessings” watermelon carving for Easter by Aby Viera

This “Blessings” watermelon carving was also created by Aby. You can learn how to carve roses on watermelons in our video lessons, Roses Buds and Leaves. These lessons are available separately and as part of our 101 Course for Beginners.

Get more info on any of our lessons and tools by clicking the links in this article. Go to our Shop by clicking here.

I hope this gives you some fun ideas for making your own Easter melon carvings. So, have fun creating!

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  1. Ric Testani April 23, 2017 at 10:00 am #

    These are all really good thank you so much for sharing them I love the Easter Lily bowl and the pattern she used. Love the bunnies with the boarder of small balls made with the small melon baller. The display with the colored Easter eggs is also a great idea.

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