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Easter Ideas – Food Carving

Easter Ideas - Carved Vegetable Calla LiliesEaster is coming up quickly, so here are some pretty Easter ideas for food carvings.

Calla Lilies which bloom in the Spring have long been a symbol of purity and beauty, resurrection and rebirth. Commonly used for Easter celebrations and weddings the calla lily has a simple and beautiful elegance.

I carved the Calla Lilies that you see pictured here from vegetables. It’s really quite simple. When I make these at Easter, usually at least one person asks me if they are real flowers.

You can put them in bunches. Or, a single vegetable Calla Lily on a plate can make a very elegant place setting. They are edible, too. Well the carved vegetable version of the Calla Lily is edible. Don’t get confused and try to eat a real lily. They are reputed to be poisonous!

carved vegetable calla lilies

vegetable carving Calla Lily

The carved calla lilies, melon bunny and fruit bouquets pictured just above and just below are all taught in my Vegetable and Fruit Carving 101 Course for Beginners. The lessons are also available as individual DVDs.

Fruit and Vegetable Fruit Bouquet Easter Ideas

Spring garden edible fruit bouquet

Vegetable and Fruit Carving Easter Ideas

These also make great Easter ideas. The vegetable bouquet pictured below is also taught in my Vegetable and Fruit Carving 101 Course for Beginners. For a fast pretty veggy bouquet, you can skip the carved vegetable flowers completely, although they certainly add a lovely special touch.


Add some blossoms to your veggy bouquet by carving some flowers from jicama or turnip.

Watermelon Carving Easter Ideas

Here is another really pretty fruit carving idea for Easter. This is a watermelon fruit salad carved by Rose Flores. This was only her second attempt at carving watermelons. Isn’t her crucifix design lovely?

Watermelon cross by Rose Flores for melon bunny and ice bunny post

This was only Rose’s second fruit carving!

Vegetable Bouquets by new carvers that are perfect for Easter.

These next two photos were sent to me by Susan Belden who is also new to fruit and vegetable carving. She made a lovely basket of vegetables and included some carved vegetable lilies, and two really cute yellow squash birds. It make a great Easter basket. It’s so pretty, isn’t it?

Easter basket with veggies and carvedbirds

Basket of veggies with carved squash birds by Susan Belden

Here is a closer look at new carver, Susan Belden’s charming squash birds with carrot beaks and clove eyes. They are easy to make, and really add some fun to her vegetable crudites basket. The “feathers” are created using our U-V cutters that you can get in our Online Shop.


Closer look at Susan Belden’s birds carved from Yellow Squash

Here is another variation of a vegetable bouquet created by Dushinka Suarez. She used more variations of carved flowers.

Edible vegetable bouquet

Edible vegetable bouquet made by Dushinka Suarez

I hope that you have enjoyed seeing this pretty food carving Easter ideas. Any one of these ideas will brighten up your Easter celebration (or any other Spring gathering).

For more great Easter ideas, check out some of my previous posts.

Here are a variety of Easter Bunnies carved from fruits and vegetables.

You can see a variety of carved food bunnies. Some are first attempt by beginning students and some are imaginative, elaborate and large. This post includes some ice carvings of bunnies, too.

Let me know if you come up with some great food carving Easter ideas of your own that you would like to share.

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