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Fruit and Vegetable Carvings for Mother’s Day at Disney Resort Hotel

Vegetable and Fruit carvings for Mother's Day by Ruben Olano

Ruben Olano’s fruit carvings for Mother’s Day at Disneyland Resorts

I met Ruben Olano through my fruit and vegetable carving website. This was one of his first emails that he sent to me.

“I work for DINEYLAND RESORTS HOTELS and I used to do, all the fruit decoracion, for thanksgiving Mother’s Day, Easter and Christmas Buffet, and Sculptures for displays in Banquets. but Watching all the work that you have done from your, pictures, MY RESPECT….you are truly an AMAZING ARTIST”

I thanked Ruben for his kind words and told him that  coming form a Disney Resort chef I considered that high praise indeed. I asked to see some of his carving photos.

Chef Ruben Olano Entertains Guests with His Fruit and Vegetable Carving Talents

Later, Ruben sent me some photos of carvings that he has done for the Disney Resorts. In that message he wrote about his fruit and vegetable carvings he made for the Easter buffet in the Disneyland Hotel and said,

“This is what I used to do, in the center of the Grand Ballroom so the guest can watch as part of the Show, I don’t do it any more,they cancel this after 20 yrs of doing it.”

You can see Ruben’s Easter buffet carving photos in a recent post on my blog.

Not long after that, Ruben wrote to me,


So once again, Ruben gets to express his vegetable and fruit carving talents for the Disney resorts.  Besides being a professional chef and fruit carver, Ruben is also a painter of Disney character for Disney Resorts.

Ruben Olano’s Fruit and Vegetable Carvings for Mother’s Day at Disneyland Resorts

I’m glad that Disney once again added Ruben’s lovely eye-catching carvings to their Mother’s Day buffet display. I’m sure guests dining at this hotel were delighted by the artistic touch that Ruben’s fruit and vegetable carvings added to the banquet. Even though I didn’t get to see these live, I’m happy that I can share these photos with you. Have a look!

Mother's Day Vegetable and Fruit Carvings

Ruben’s Mother’s Day melon carvings

Did you notice that the letters carved into the watermelon are in the same style as the Disney logo? Pretty clever!

This next carving of a pretty watermelon peacock (or is it a Phoenix?) would be fitting for any special event, but it definitely dressed up the table setting for Mother’s Day.

Vegetable and fruit carvings watermelon peacock

Ruben’s carving of a watermelon peacock for Mother’s Day at Disneyland Resorts

Ruben’s fruit and vegetable carvings also featured the names and portraits of the most popular Disney characters.

Vegetable and Fruit carvings Disney characters

Disney characters in Vegetable and fruit carvings

Vegetable carvings of the popular Disney characters

Do you recognize the faces of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy in Ruben’s fruit and vegetable carvings? Ruben certainly did a great job in capturing the characters in his carvings.

Carved watermelon sun with pineapple top sun rays

Here is a picture of Ruben with his vegetable and fruit carvings for Mother’s Day at Disneyland Resorts:

Vegetable and fruit carvings by Ruben Olano from Disneyland Resorts

Ruben Olano with his Mother’s Day vegetable and fruit carving display for Disneyland Resorts

fruit and vegetable carvings for Mother's Day

Disney Mother’s Day display complete with big flower arrangements and great lighting in addition to Ruben’s impressive carvings.

Disney sure knows how to do it up right – nice lighting, flowers, and with Ruben Olano’s talented help, beautiful buffet tables full of customized fruit and vegetable carvings for Mother’s Day. Beautiful work, Ruben. Disney Resorts is lucky to have you!

While I’m showing you some fruit and vegetable carvings for Mother’s Day, here is another beautiful display carved by Professional ice and food carver Greg Butauski. I twas not done for Disney but it was so pretty I wanted to show it here.

Mother's Day watermelon carvings

Mother’s Day watermelon carving display by Greg Butauski

Really beautiful job, Greg!

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Vegetable and fruit carvings Radish Bouquet

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I hope you enjoyed Ruben Olano’s carvings for Mother’s Day at Disneyland Resorts. Thanks Ruben for sharing your photos. Carving vegetable and fruits can be a satisfying hobby that allows you to be creative and lets you explore your artistic side. I hope Ruben’s photos have encouraged you to learn or continue with your own fruit and vegetable carvings!

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