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Dirty Car Art

You may wonder what Dirty Car Art has to do with fruit and vegetable carving and the answer is, well, not much. But we love all forms of art (sugar art, latte art and more) and the dirty car art by Scott Wade is definitely an impressive form of art.

Scott lives down a 1.5-mile-long dirt road, which provides him with the perfect dusty canvas for his artwork. He’s created everything from recreations of famous paintings to impressively realistic portraits on the back window of his vehicle.

Unfortunately, his artwork doesn’t last long. A good rain will wash it away but he considers that part of the fun. He enjoys seeing how the rain affects the drawing before eventually clearing the canvas. After another drive down his dirt road, the window is ready for a new drawing and the fun can begin again.

Scott’s Impressive Dirty Car Art

Scott's dirty car art of Girl with the Pearl Earring

Scott works on his dirty car art recreation of Dutch painter’s Johannes Vermeer’s famous work, The Girl with a Pearl Earring. Photo Credit: Robin Wood


Friends in Need Car Art

One of the infamous Dogs Playing Poker paintings by C.M. Coolidge, “A Friend in Need,” is captured by Scott on the back window of a car. Photo Credit: Scott Wade


Dirty Car Art Pet Fest

Scott created this back window drawing for his hometown’s annual Pet Fest. Photo Credit: Jules Alexander


Dirty Car Art Doughboy Michaelangelo

Scott shows his sense of humor with his version of the Pillsbury Doughboy, Michaelangelo style. Photo Credit: Jules Alexander


Kid in Car Dirty Car Art

Scott’s dirty car art can be quite lifelike, such as this illustration of a young girl looking like she wants to escape from the back seat. It’s modeled after his daughter. Photo Credit: Scott Wade

Albert Einstein Dirty Car Art

Scott got his inspiration for this drawing of Albert Einstein from a magazine. Photo Credit: Scott Wade

The Perils of Dirty Car Art

Creating artwork on the back window of a car is not without obstacles. Here are a few of the challenges Scott has faced.

Scott Wade Mona Lisa Dirty Car Art

Here is an eye-catching collaboration of the Mona Lisa and Van Gogh’s “A Starry Night” before the rain storm moved in. Photo Credit: Scott Wade

Scott Wade Mona Lisa Rain

Here is what was left of Scott’s work after the rain shower. Photo Credit: Scott Wade

Wiper Took Out Drawing

Occasionally, the back window wiper can wreak havoc on a drawing too. But Scott tries to make the best of it. Photo Credit: Scott Wade

Wise Words About Art

Make Art Now

There’s no time like the present to make art. Photo Credit: Scott Wade

Art is Everywhere

Who says art has to fit on a piece of paper? Photo Credit: Scott Wade

Meet Scott Wade, the Dirty Car Artist

Dirty Car Artist Scott Wade

Scott’s artwork isn’t limited just to car windows. Photo Credit: Jules Alexander


Artist Scott Wade

Photo Credit: John McDavitt

It’s safe to say that we can add Dirty Car Art to our growing list of impressive alternative forms of artwork.

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  1. Nikki May 8, 2014 at 2:49 pm #

    Art is everywhere so very correct! Great work, great art. So different and yet so very artistic!

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