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Food Art Day at Assisted Living Center Brings Smiles

Food Art DayWhen reader Diane Keegan organized a Food Art Day during National Assisted Living Week (which is usually in mid September), she demonstrated that it’s just as much fun to make people smile as it is to create a culinary masterpiece. Food art is not necessarily about making the prettiest, perfect designs. Sometimes it’s just about having fun and sharing it with others.

Diane came up with the idea to have a Food Art Day during National Assisted Living Week at the assisted living center where she works. She asked the employees to bring in any type of food art and inspired them by showing them photos with ideas. Maybe you’ll get an idea here that you can put to use.

Well, our Food Art day came and went and I felt it was a huge success.  The employees got involved and the residents enjoyed looking at our creations. ” Diane

Creative Photos of Food Art Day During National Assisted Living Week

As you look at these, remember that these are just for fun having been done by employees of the assisted living center who were asked to bring something to brighten the day of the residents.

Diane made the Simpsons meat and cheese platter for Food Art Day during National Assisted Living Week.

The Simpson’s was bread on the bottom, with lettuce along the edges, and cheese and lunch meat, and cereal for color.   They eyes were radishes.   Saw a picture on the internet and since our Safety Mascot is Homer Simpson, I decided to do something fun.” Diane

Food Art Simpsons Meat and Cheese Platter

Diane’s contribution to the Food Art Day was this creative Simpsons meat and cheese sandwich tray.

Diane arranged the following basket of gourds with the Art for the Ages carved in the white pumpkin.



Food Art Sheep Cake

Here’s a cute play on words. this is a SHEEP CAKE. The marshmallow and cookie sheep, coconut grass, and chocolate covered pretzels top this whimsical cake.

Food Art - Oreo Turkeys

These sweet turkey treats are perfect for Thanksgiving. To make, simply stack oreos, candy corn, whoppers, peanut butter cups and frosting.


Food Art Acorns

Make these cute acorns for dessert using a Hershey’s Kiss, mini cookie and chocolate chips.

Food Art Hot Dogs and Simpsons

The hot dog octopus is an unique way to serve a frankfurter.

Fruit Inspired Food Art Day During National Assisted Living Week

Food Art Oranges

These oranges come to life thanks to some creative decorating.

Food Art Oranges

This food art doesn’t even require any cutting, just some glue!

Food Art Fruit

Dress up your fruit for an added touch of creativity.

Food Art Fruit Palm Tree

Get tropical with a palm tree made out of mandarin oranges, sliced bananas and kiwi.

Food Art Fruit

With a little creativity and few slices here and there, you can turn fruit into animals.

One last photo to share and this is what Diane has to say about it:

My daughter-in-law made these for our grandson’s pre school class tomorrow.  She has always been intrigued by what I have done.  Mini campfires.   She knew I would be proud of her.  And I am.”

campfire crackers

Mini campfire crackers with pretzel logs and cheese fire

A big thank you to Diane for sharing the photos with us of the Food Art Day during National Assisted Living Week!

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