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Delicious Fruit Arrangements

Don’t you just love fresh and colorful fruit arrangements? They make wonderful gifts, attractive centerpieces and you don’t have to feel guilty about eating them!

Najlaa’s fruit arrangements

Homemade fruit arrangements are fun and delicious as well as beautiful.

Even parents with little picky eaters at home can “trick” their kids into enjoying a healthier snack with pretty fruit arrangements that can be eaten. I know this was the case with my son. For some reason, things are just more fun to eat when they are served on a stick!

The problem with store bought fruit arrangements is that they can be quite expensive, especially if you want special additions such as chocolate dipped fruit.

The good news is that it’s easy to make your own fruit arrangements at home. Read on to see photos of homemade fruit arrangements and vegetable bouquets and get some tips on how to make your own edible creation.

Carving Technique for Making Fruit Arrangements

In an article that I posted a week or so ago, I showed photos of pretty vegetable bouquets from carved radish flowers. The basic carving technique taught for radish flowers in my free lesson can be used with your favorite fruits to make customized fruit arrangements.

First, I’ll show you some photos of what the radish flowers look like.

This first radish flower bouquet is by Leonard Frandle:

Fruit arrangements_Leonard

Leonard’s carved radish flowers taught in Nita’s free video lesson

These radish flowers were made by Sharron Nickerson:

Sharron edible radish bouquet

Sharron’s radish bouquet taught in Nita’s free video lesson

By the way, these radish flowers were a first attempt by Leonard and Sharron; they learned this just from watching my free lesson on how to make a radish bouquet. I really like how they both added their own creative touches to make their arrangement unique.

Here’s a note from Leonard about his radish bouquet:

Nita Gill,

Let me introduce myself. I’m a 57 year old school board caretaker. I do a lot art type things (I oil paint,woodcarver, certified ceramics teacher to name a few). I have worked in the food industry. I got in to fruit carving a few years ago . I picked up some decorating stuff over the years. I found your site on the internet one night. I was hooked, I love your videos because they are easy to follow and understand,the have helped me improve my skill level. I am looking forward to learning more from you and happy to call you my teacher. thank you. Here is a photo of a vegetable bouquet for a dinner we went too. It was my first, what do you think ?


I think your radish flowers looks great Leonard, especially for a first attempt. Nice arrangement, too, with the flower pot! I bet it made quite an impression at your dinner.

You Can Use the Techniques Taught in My Free Radish Bouquet Video Lesson to Make Fruit Arrangements

Now that you’ve seen the radish flowers taught in my free lesson, check out how a reader, Najlaa, took the instructions from the radish bouquet lesson and used the same techniques to come up with her own fruit bouquet idea:

fruit arrangement by Najlaa

Najlaa used the techniques taught in Nita free video lesson to create her fruit arrangements bouquet

What vibrant colors and a delicious choice of fresh fruits. Najlaa applied the radish flower carving technique with strawberries, kiwis apricots and small peaches. She then used different colored and sized grapes for the center to create variety in her fruit arrangements bouquet. The photo looks good enough to eat!

You can use the radish flower technique other vegetables and fruits, too. Try it out with sections of carrots and zucchinis  and cucumbers to create vegetable arrangements. Add in some plum or cherry tomatoes for a touch of bright contrasting red color. Then serve with a dip on the side and you’ve got a really fun and healthy appetizer!

As you can see, once you learn the basic techniques taught in my free lesson, the possibilities for your vegetable bouquets and fruit arrangements are endless!

I’ll just show you one more variation of a vegetable bouquet by another reader, Jeanne. Jeanne found that she did not have enough radishes yet had plenty of yellow squash. So she reversed what was taught in my lesson and used the squash for the flowers and the radish for the centers. Here is the result. Different, yet still beautiful.

Jeanne’s radish bouquet arrangement

Jeanne’s edible radish bouquet taught in Nita’s Bouquets and Butterflies DVD

This fruit bouquet by Jeanne uses a different carving technique taught in my Butterflies and Bouquet DVD lessons. I wanted to show you this so you could get an idea of how diverse your fruit arrangements can be.

Here is an example of what is taught in these video lessons:

Fruit arrangements taught in Nita's DVD

If you’d like your fruit arrangements to really stand out, this is the lesson for you! This Bouquet and Butterflies DVD can be purchased separately in my online shop or as Lesson 2 of my 11 week Vegetable and Fruit Carving Course for Beginners.

Making Fruit Arrangements is Fun and Creative and Everyone Loves Eat Them!

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t enjoy eating fruit edible bouquets. They are always a popular gift during special occasions such as birthdays and bridal showers, or for any day that you want to say “Thank you” or “Thinking of you.”

Instead of paying high prices for store bought versions, you can learn to make you own delicious edible creations !

You can even make chocolate dipped fruit to add to your arrangements.

Chocolate strawberries fruit arrangementsCheck my previous blog post to watch videos on how to make and decorate chocolate dipped strawberries. You can always get creative and apply this technique to any of your favorite fruits, such as kiwis, bananas or pineapple.

Who knows, maybe you’ll be the go-to person for fruit arrangements among your friends, families and co-workers instead of the big chain companies.

In fact, a number of my students/customers have fruit and vegetable decoration businesses. One of them is Anetas Lekas, who learned to make fruit arrangements from my 11 week Vegetable and Fruit Carving Course for Beginners .

You can check out my previous blog post to see Aneta’s colorful fruit platters and arrangements:

Fruit platters by Anetas Lekas

I hope you enjoy getting creative with homemade fruit arrangements and vegetable bouquets, and do share your photos and stories with me!

Happy Carving!

Learn to carve like a pro

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    Its great job WOW

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    First off, You are incredible, I absolutely adore your uncanny brilliant masterpieces. I’m a banquet Chef at a Country Club. There, I arrange and execute several buffets and catered functions. You have motivated and transcended direct vision and confidence upon my entire culinary psyche. Much respect peace and love you are indeed a Phenomenal Woman, many blessings

    Eternally shocked and amazed,
    Quintin Douglas Burnett

    • Nita June 29, 2012 at 8:34 am #

      Thank you for your kind words. One of my rewards for doing this work is hearing comments like yours. I’m so glad you have found motivation and confidence to add carving to your catering work. I know you will have fun doing so. Much peace and love to you. too.

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