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December Holiday Carving Ideas

This article will show you a variety of fun December Holiday Carving Ideas done by a variety of creative people.

Carved Candles Idea for Christmas or Hanukkah

This first candle carving idea created by one of my customers, Yiota Thoma could be adapted for either Christmas or Hanukkah. Turn a melon on it’s side, carve 9 candles and you have a pretty menorah carving. Or you could carve 3 watermelons. Carve a larger candle on a taller melon and place it between 2 shorter melons each with 4 candles and you would have a 3 melon menorah arrangement with 9 candles.

candles watermelon carving by Yiota Thoma

Yiota Thoma carved this candle and flowers design into a watermelon. It’s pretty idea that could be adapted for either Christmas or Hanukkah.

Several Animation Type December Holiday Carving Ideas

Pro pumpkin carver Jim Morgan made this snowman from giant pumpkin to grace a Christmas tree lot. It’s a great idea if you happen to have some leftover pumpkins.

snowman pumpkin by Jim Morgan

Isn’t this giant pumpkin snowman carved by Jim Morgan adorable?

Jim Morgan also did this accurate carving of Dr. Seuss’ Grinch that stole Christmas. Jim did a great job on this, didn’t he?

Grinch pumpkin carving by Jim Morgan

This pumpkin carving by Jim Morgan is an excellent likeness of Dr. Seuss’ Grinch that Stole Christmas.

You can learn to carve 3 dimensional faces on pumpkins in Ray Villafanes 3D Pumpkin Carving Tutorials that we have available in our online shop. I know that Jim learned to carve 3D faces into pumpkins from Ray Villafane.

Fruity Christmas Tree

Below you’ll see a fruit Christmas tree similar to the ideas I showed in a precious post about how to make fruit and vegetable Christmas trees.

In response, one of my customer/students. Sharleen Cobourne from the UK sent in her photo below. She wrote:

Hi Nita, Hope you are well, here’s my fruit tree. I had to make 5 for a Christmas party they loved them! -Sharleen

Fruit Christmas tree by Sharleen

Lighted Christmas tree made of fruit by Sharleen Cobourne

I like how Sharleen added lights and made a star from pineapple with a grape suspended in the middle. It’s fun.

Winter Wonderland December Holiday Carving Ideas

The carvings in this next set of photos show a fun and eyecatching carving display of Santa and his reindeer all carved from a variety of fruits and vegetables. In case you are wondering, the reindeer are make from taro.

December Holiday Carving Ideas by the Food Artists Group

These pretty carvings of Santa and his reindeer were created by James Parker’s Food Artist Group.

The carvers that created this festive winter wonderland display were James Parker, Eric Baisas, Ernie Alvarez, Steve Baity, and Richard Alford.

snowflake wateremelon

Here’s a close up look at one of the watermelons carved with a snowflake. I love the simplicity of the bold graphic with frilly edges. Pretty.

carve vegetable santa

Here is a closer look at the Santa carved from a variety of fruits and veggies.  I see watermelon pants, beet jacket, carrot hands and face, and I think the white  trim is taro and either daikon or turnip.

The snowman below is really cute. If you are a newbie carver and want to give it a try, this would be fairly easy to recreate for your home.

watermelon snowman

This watermelon snowman is a cute idea. And it won’t melt!

Santa's Reindeer

Here is another view of the winter wonderland display by James Parker’s Food Group.

One Last Christmas Carving Idea

One more pretty idea was sent to me by Facebook fan. If you want to learn to carve pretty poinsettias onto watermelons, click here to see more about my Poinsettia Watermelon Carving video lessons. If you want to carve words into melons like the “Merry Christmas” below, click here to see more about my video lessons, Carving Letters and Words.

Merry Christmas melon by Nesa Rouhani

Nesa Rouhani sent me her Merry Christmas carved melon with a poinsettia flower carved on the end.

I hope that you found some inspiration from these lovely December Holiday Carving Ideas. For more holiday carving ideas, click here.

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