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Cupid Watermelon Carving

Here is a charming cupid watermelon carving that is perfect for Valentine’s day. Or, it could be used for an engagement or even a wedding.


You can combine your cupid melon carving with flowers to make a pretty centerpiece.

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5 Ways to Use a Cupid Watermelon Carving Like This

  1. Arrange with vases of flowers to create a centerpiece or buffet table display as shown in the photo above.
  2. Place the carved cupid melon it in the center of a fruit tray (not shown) surrounded with with watermelon, honeydew and cantaloupe slices cut into hearts as well as other fruits.
  3. Use to serve fruit salad (not shown) by cutting the top open, an removing the fruit from inside.
  4. Open the top, hollow out, and use it as the vase to hold your flowers.
  5. Light it from within. Open at the bottom, remove the fruit, and add the light.

The photo below shows how it looks lit from inside and well as how it looks before being lit. (Look at the photo below for a couple of seconds to see it change).

cupid watermelon carving lit from within and without

See how this cupid watermelon carving changes it’s look when it’s lit from within? I allows some of the pinkish color of the watermelon to shine through it.

You can see that the rainbow like colors of the watermelon show through when lit from inside. Pretty isn’t it?

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Here is a closer look at the hearts carved at the bottom of the cupid pattern. This heart carving technique is taught in the video lessons, Amazing Carving with Jimmy Zhang.

The technique of carving the hearts at the bottom is one of the techniques taught in the video lessons, Amazing Carving with Jimmy Zhang that you will find in our online shop.


This image gives you a little better look at the overall pattern including the little hearts at the top. In a dimly lit room, the watermelon pretty rainbow of colors will show up more. This would be perfect at a candle lit dinner.


Here you can see how the cupid can look in an arrangement without any lighting from within.

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Have fun making your own cupid watermelon carving for Valentine’s day.

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