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Incredible Crayon Carving by Hoang Tran

Star-Wars-Crayon-ArtWhile browsing the internet for unique forms of artistic carvings, I came across Hoang Tran’s spectacular crayon carving. This talented California artist uses dental tools to carefully carve a variety of pop culture icons into the crayons, which he then sells on his Etsy page from $15 to $125. Tran’s carvings include Star Wars characters, animals and more. He even takes custom order requests. If you want a custom carving of your pet, he’ll make one for you.

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Pop Culture Crayon Carving

Tran’s crayon carving talent has led to some incredible pop culture Crayolas. From TV hits, like Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad, to iconic films, like Star Wars and The Little Mermaid, Tran certainly has a knack for carvings crayons.

Game of Thrones Crayon Carving

This colorful set of crayon carvings represents the sigils of the Great Houses of Westeros from the “Game of Thrones.”


Breaking Bad Crayon Carving

“Breaking Bad’s” Walter White is represented in this detailed crayon carving.


Star Wars Crayon Art

Here are a variety of Star Wars characters carved brilliantly into crayons.


Ewok Crayon Art

Here’s one more Star Wars character. How amazing are the details on this ewok?


Little Mermaid Crayon Carving

Tran experimented with a variety of colors in this Little Mermaid carving.

More Creative Crayon Carving

Tran also does crayon carving for non-pop culture characters too. He can carve a variety of animals and even people.

Dog Crayon Art

How adorable is this black pup crayon carving?


Cat Crayon Art

If you prefer cats to dogs, Tran has you covered with this cat crayon carving.


Llama Crayon Carving

He can even carve a llama!


Bride and Groom Crayon Carving

This bride and groom crayons would surely be a unique wedding gift.

Isn’t it amazing how art can appear in so many forms? Who would have thought that a crayon could be used for more than just drawing? Thanks to Hoang Tran, we now know of the creative form of art known as crayon carving.

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  1. Ric Testani May 18, 2015 at 10:34 pm #

    They are awesome but what kind of eye sight do you need to be able to do this. Amazing work love every one.

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