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Colorful Easy Decorations for Casual Party

Yesterday I published some yummy appetizers with great eye-appeal that a friend of mine made for a casual afternoon party. In this post, I’ll show you some beautiful yet easy decorations that she used for the dining tables, and serving tables. These are simple and effective ideas that you can use for any party.

Presentation is everything!

I’ve often heard it said that Presentation is everything. And it is true that a little effort in making things look special goes a long way. It will make your guests feel special that you put out the effort to make things look lovely.

Easy and Beautiful Table Arrangements

Below,  you’ll see a few simple and beautiful things that Linda did to make her party look special. She had tables set up where we could sit after helping ourselves to the buffet.

Each had antique looking white table cloths that she dressed up with colorful glassed filled with flowers.

easy decorations of colorful flowers in colored glasses

White antique looking table cloths had casual centerpieces of many different colored glasses filled with multicolored flowers.

Here is a closer look at the arrangement of flowers in colored glasses. It’s so easy to do. You can use footed glasses and tumblers of many colors and varying sizes.  Just make sure to choose large flowers to fill the glasses.

Besides being easy to do, this kind of floral centerpiece is low enough that conversation can flow freely across the table without the flowers blocking anyone’s view.

easy flower tablescape

Linda found some of her antique table cloths, napkins and colored glass at thrift stores.

We enjoyed a beautiful Southern California day with warm sun and a cool ocean breeze while Linda grilled veggie-kabobs on the outdoor BBQ. She had more colored glass pieces on the outdoor BBQ counter.

Serving Table Arrangements

When setting up buffet and cake tables, it’s visually appealing to place food and table items at multiple heights.

floral decorations around the cake

Linda used the same floral idea for easy decorations on the cake table. Single red roses in aperitif glasses circled the elevated cake placed on a footed plate. It looked beautiful.

Simple buffet serving idea

Linda’s buffet table was simple and pretty. Simply elevating one serving dish on the wooden wine create made the presentation look great. The white dishes and multi-colored veggie kabobs subtly matched the white table cloths with multi-colored flowers on the outdoor tables.

The same flowers had a second use after the party

This party was to celebrate the birthday of our tap dancing instructor. The day after the party, this gorgeous arrangement showed up at our dance studio.

mutlicolored flower arrangement

Linda took all the flowers that had been in individual glasses on the tables and arranged them in floral foam in this box. Isn’t it gorgeous!

multicolored flower arrangement

Here is another view of the beautiful box of flowers that Linda was thoughtful enough to put together, so that the birthday girl, and all of us in class, could enjoy them.

When I asked about how she put this together, Linda said that she simply pushed the stems into a slab of floral foam the size of the box. She said the key to having this look great is to use large flowers. Large roses and sunflowers work well. You can simply push the stems into the foam. For the smaller flowers like the alstroemeria and the small button mums, you’ll need to punch a hole in the foam with a stick or pencil before putting those flower stems in the holes.

A big thank you goes out to Linda for sharing her lovely and simple decoration ideas.

I hope that you enjoyed seeing these gorgeous  and easy decorations as much as I enjoyed seeing them as the party. Perhaps, one of these simple ideas will be useful to you for your next party.














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