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Christmas Carvings – Melon and Pumpkin Santas

Here are a few really fun Christmas carving s including photos of carved melon and pumpkin Santas. Maybe they will give you ideas and inspiration for next year.

Pumpkin Santa Christmas Carving

This Santa Claus carved from pumpkin was carved by one of my customer/students Simon Paul Muscat. He sent these photos to me with a note saying,

“Hi, Just thought I’d do something different and maybe you would like to see it. First I did the beard from the same pumpkin but then I tried with cauliflower.

Merry Christmas


Christmas Carving -Pumpkin Santa Carved by Simon Paul Muscat

Christmas Carving – Pumpkin Santa Carved by Simon Paul Muscat

Isn’t this carved Santa Claus fun? And so well done. I liked the Santa carved just from pumpkin, but the addition of the cauliflower beard makes it even better!

What a great idea Simon.

For those of you who might want to learn how to carve 3 dimensional pumpkins that look like faces, you will love the DVD lessons, Ray Villafane’s 3-D Pumpkin Carving Tutorials that are available in my Shop.

Watermelon Santa Christmas Carving

Another Fun Christmas carving is the Santa carved from watermelon by Shawn Feeney. Another great job isn’t it?

Watermelon Santa Carving by Shawn Feeney

Watermelon Santa by Shawn Feeney dubbed St. Nickomelon

Shawn wrote,

“St. Nickomelon is sleepy after a long night delivering presents to all the good fruits and vegetables of the world.

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!”

Truly a work of art, Shawn. Your St. Nickomelon looks so kind and charming.

Merry Christmas Carving from Watermelon

Here is one more pretty Christmas carving that I have seen recently. This one was carved by Svetlana Partem. It’s so beautiful isn’t it. Great job, Svetlana. Really lovely.

Merry Christmas Carving by Svetlana Partem

Merry Christmas Watermelon Carving by Svetlana Partem

You might remember Svetlana from the video about THE CARVE IV. She was on of the competitors in the professional division which was the People’s Choice Competition. She did a beautiful fruit carving display that can be seen in the video in my blog article about THE CARVE IV.

Here is one more carved pumpkin Santa that I came across recently. This one is by Laurent Hartman who is a talented professional vegetable and fruit carver in France.

Carved pumpkin Santa by Laurent Hartman

Carved pumpkin Santa by Laurent Hartman of France

So, there are just a few ideas for making your own Christmas carving for next year.

Learn to carve like a pro


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