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More Christmas Carving Ideas

In this post, you’ll find a whole bunch of Christmas carving ideas. Most of them were done by students of my various lessons. Many of these were sent to me last year and I didn’t have time to post them. I thought that you would enjoy seeing them this year.  These will give you all kinds of ideas to put to use.

Christmas Carving Ideas that You Can Make

Under each of these photos, you’ll find the lessons, with which you can learn to make carvings like the ones that you see in these photos. Have fun browsing this variety of Christmas carving ideas.

Watermelon Santa by Brent Best

Brent Best who is a customer/student of many of my lessons, made this cute Santa Carving.

If you want to learn to carve recognizable faces, check out my Portrait Carving Course. If you want to carve graphic designs onto watermelons, you’ll like my Carving Letters and Words lessons. Don’t be fooled by the name. The carving techniques and pattern transfer techniques taught in Carving Letters and Words can be applied to carving all sorts of graphic designs.

Tomato Christmas tree by Rosemary Applewhite

Rosemary Applewhite’s Christmas tree of tomatoes is topped with a leek bow. Rosemary is also a student/customer of many of my video lessons.

To see how to create veggy and fruit Christmas trees, click here for a free lesson. The leek ribbon flower is taught in my Vegetable and Fruit Carving 101 Course for Beginners

Poinsettia watermelon and floral arrangement by Liana

This is Floral arranger Liana Buciuman’s first poinsettia watermelon carving. She made a beautiful arrangement for it, didn’t she? Click here to learn to carve Poinsettia Watermelons.

Liana is a new customer/student of me video lessons who is also a floral designer. She has begun adding carve fruit and vegetables to her floral displays and has reported that those who have seen here new fruit carving and floral arrangements have “been in awe”.

She wrote:

Hello Nita, Thank you for the inspirations – I have tried my hand at a Poinsettas carving following your online course and I came up with this centerpiece I brought for my neighbors holiday party – again, lots of ohh, and ahhs 🙂 Wishing you Happy Holidays! and all the best for a whole New Year, 2015! , Liana Buciuman

If you want to learn how to carve poinsettias like this, you’ll love my Poinsettia Watermelon Carving video lessons.

Merry Christmas watermelon carving

This beautiful bouquet and Merry Christmas watermelon carving was created by Chandra Lawati

Chandra is a Facebook fan who sent me this lovely and precise carving and arrangement. It’s another of the fun and pretty Christmas carving ideas.

Al Kitchen is a customer /student who actively participated in charity events. He volunteered to put together some pretty Christmas carvings to dress up St. Mary’s Food Bank event last year.

Al Kitchen with his Christmas carvings

Al Kitchen put together a Christmas arrangement for a fund raiser

Hi Nita, I always enjoy your emails. Attached photos are of the carvings I did to support a St. Mary’s Food Bank Event. Thought you might like to see them. – Al Kitchen

Al Kitchen's Christmas carving ideas

Closer look at Al’s carvings. The honeydew swan can be made using the same techniques taught in the apple birds lesson in my Hearts and Roses lesson set.

You can learn to carve watermelon roses in my Roses, Buds and Leaves video lessons. The radish flowers are taught in my 101 Course. The bird carving and the root vegetable roses are taught in my Hearts and Roses video lessons.

Parisa Bahmani's very first poinsettia watermelon carving.

This is Parisa Bahmani’s very first poinsettia carving.

With my Poinsettia Watermelon Carving video lessons, you can be carving beautiful poinsettia flowers, too.

Vi Tran's Christmas vegetable bouquet

Vi Tran’s Christmas vegetable bouquet

You will learn a variety of carving techniques like those you see in this bouquet in my 101 Course for Beginners.

I hope that these photos have given you some useful Christmas carving ideas that you can put to use during this holiday season. You’ll find lots more Holiday and Christmas carving ideas throughout the articles that you will find here. You can see the Christmas carving ideas on my Pinterest page here.

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